A Marketers Minefield - Why The Fraudsters Are Targeting You.

Written by Emily Robinson

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contacts inrepparttar financial world that everyone wants to know. There are a multitude of ways they will drag you in, all involve substantial financial reward for you... don't be tempted. Check them out, see who they are, atrepparttar 122560 very least run a background check on them... do they come from where they say they come from? Follow up on those stories they told you, and put togetherrepparttar 122561 inconguencies for yourself. Keep an open mind. And most of all be prepared for their answers. They have answers, for everything. They'll tell you that you are too suspicious, 'do you know how lucky you are to be a part of this? It's only open to a select few'. If you start to bangrepparttar 122562 drum too loudly, they'll kick you out of their set-up...You're too much trouble. Being alert and listening to your instincts, those nagging doubts, can save you immeasurable heartache downrepparttar 122563 road. The reality is that these people will create a whirlwind, gather repparttar 122564 money and disappear. They leave you to facerepparttar 122565 FBI, repparttar 122566 civil suits,repparttar 122567 angry investors who have lost their entire savings. You even got your parents to invest their 401k, and they lost it all... and you, well not only do you sufferrepparttar 122568 financial devastation of being looped byrepparttar 122569 con, your reputation is mud andrepparttar 122570 network you have cultivated over many years no longer trusts you. You end up inrepparttar 122571 marketers graveyard. Be alert, check them out and follow up... then confront them with your findings. Most of all, listen and really "hear"repparttar 122572 answer. You are investing in yourself, and your future... don't see what you want to see - see it as it is. 2002 The Virtual School of Investigators. All Rights Reserved. www.thevsi.com

Emily Robinson is a co-founder of The Virtual School Of Investigators - educating investigative professionals, marketers and consumers in the growing issues of fraud. Join their LIVE tele-class training "Extreme Profits?? How To Keep Your Investments Safe From Fraud" by visiting www.thevsi.com

New Viral Tactic: 'Cause Marketing'

Written by Joe Bingham

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and email again forrepparttar separate list, but instead you will just have two already checked boxes. The first box pertains torepparttar 122559 petition, andrepparttar 122560 next torepparttar 122561 subscription to your ezine. The logic being that who, after reading about how you are taking on big business, censorship, and all other manner of evil, will not want to subscribe to your ezine? Doesn't that sound like an incredible idea? Aren't you glad I am able to illustrate these new concepts for you? Of course, there is an outside chance that if you undertake this kind of 'Cause Marketing' that a cynical ezine writer will take hold of your concept and devote an entire article to making fun of you. Of course, nothing is more important than gleaning names and email addresses for your business, right? Who cares that some may view asking for people to subscribe to a marketing ezine from a Non-Profit.org site as tacky? Who cares thatrepparttar 122562 only 'massive media' campaign you will be running will be to get people to your petition site so they can subscribe to your marketing ezine so you can in turn get more hits to your web site. I mean, hey, you're fighting against people that are using illicit means of gaining traffic to their web site. You arerepparttar 122563 good guy!

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