A Man and His Baby

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Insiderepparttar room, some mystical being ran aroundrepparttar 148259 room telling all ofrepparttar 148260 mums that a ‘father-alone’ was out and about! Upon entering heads swiveled in my direction, a series of forces pushing bodies towards me and unwanted advice started to escape from mouths. Once past I could hear whisperings, stories being generated and past on; a fictional myth growing in reality to become truth in mind! I shut myself off, warded offrepparttar 148261 numerous hands that where heading towards my sons cheeks like locusts, barged through with forced smiles and “no thanks”, and managed to get torepparttar 148262 water machine. I smiled politely torepparttar 148263 lady who showed me how to pressrepparttar 148264 button for hot water, grimaced when told thatrepparttar 148265 milk I had made was too hot (how did she know?) and nearly barked when asked “isrepparttar 148266 wife in not well dear”!

These kindly mums, whose husbands obviously knew nothing about how to change a nappy or feed a baby his milk, had my son crying within five minutes. He doesn’t like attention inrepparttar 148267 form of searching hands. He especially doesn’t like getting his cheek pinched or chin chucked! I felt like shouting “give him air” or wading in with elbows to rescue him but they were all so well-meaning, these poor mums! Needless to say that as my sons screaming and bawling intensified to maximum pitchrepparttar 148268 mums turned to me as one as if to say “look atrepparttar 148269 poor man, doesn’t know how to look after his baby”.

Naturally as they confirmed their belief that I was totally inept and useless, wandering hands gained purpose and started to lift my baby out ofrepparttar 148270 pram to offer him comfort – my son hates strangers holding him! Well, I made a run for it, I grabbedrepparttar 148271 baby in mid-air, swiveledrepparttar 148272 pram around on a sixpence, closed my eyes tight and charged forrepparttar 148273 door, throwing aside mothers like pins atrepparttar 148274 bowling alley!

I went torepparttar 148275 men’s toilet to change my son’s nappy! At least inrepparttar 148276 sanctity within, nobody talked to me, no advice was freely given and no insects to ward off. Naturally, looks of sympathy and confusion were issued freely, stories would abound later as husbands rushed to tell their wives aboutrepparttar 148277 “poor sad man withrepparttar 148278 baby” – but who cares, just don’t talk to me about it.

I suppose all is not so bad! A new dimension opened up, one that it would be best if my wife knew nothing about! I have never in my life had so many young ladies (ones who wouldn’t know whatrepparttar 148279 inside of a baby changing room looked like) surrounding me; albeit they were cooing at my son but ……… something about single men with babies must be an attraction. Anyway, I always enjoyed their reaction when saying loudly, “ah, here’s my wife coming now”,repparttar 148280 desertion was abrupt and complete! I know how to handle that one; it’srepparttar 148281 rest that bothers me!

Author and Webmaster of Seamania. As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

Are You Eligible For Any Of These Tax Credits?

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Education Credits

There are two credits available,repparttar Hope Credit andrepparttar 148227 Lifetime Learning Credit, for people who pay higher education costs. The Hope Credit is forrepparttar 148228 payment ofrepparttar 148229 first two years of tuition and related expenses for an eligible student for whomrepparttar 148230 taxpayer claims an exemption onrepparttar 148231 tax return. The Lifetime Learning Credit is available for all post-secondary education for an unlimited number of years. A taxpayer cannot claim both credits forrepparttar 148232 same student in one year. For more information, see Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education.

Retirement Savings Contribution Credit

Eligible individuals may be able to claim a credit for a percentage of their qualified retirement savings contributions, such as contributions to a traditional or Roth IRA or salary reduction contributions to a SEP or SIMPLE plan. To be eligible, you must be at least age 18 atrepparttar 148233 end ofrepparttar 148234 year and not a student or an individual for whom someone else claims a personal exemption. Also, your adjusted gross income (AGI) must be below a certain amount. For more information, see chapter four in Publication 590, Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs).

Richard Chapo is CEO of Business Tax Recovery - Obtaining tax refunds for small businesses for overpaid taxes. Discovery tax strategies and deductions in our tax articles section.

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