A Mailing List, Now What?

Written by John Olson

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Well, we all know how hard that can be. We need something to putrepparttar Personal touch intorepparttar 122550 impersonal Web.

That is why I tell you to Build that Mailing list. It gives you a way to be personal with people you hope will find something in what you are offering.

We can write every week, and let all these people in on what we think. We are really making friends. And it's that what old Time MLM people told you to go to too introduce your programs to? Friends…

As you write to your list, write a bit of yourself. If it's been a bad day, orrepparttar 122551 car died, orrepparttar 122552 Sun finally came out after a month behindrepparttar 122553 clouds, those kind of everyday things are things you can write a little about.

Think ofrepparttar 122554 people you are writing to as your friends. Because, they are. Be Yourself… You don't have to write Super Marketing pieces, you can just tell them about what is going on in your life. Try and keep it at least interesting, but let them in on your life.

Is there a fun family soap opera going on you could write about? If uncle Bob, still trying to catch that squirrel that's been chewing uprepparttar 122555 garden? How'srepparttar 122556 new job your daughter just got going?

You can even talk about great family trips you've taken. Anything that you would write to your best friend about, you can write to your mailing list about. And of course, you will keep them up to date on what is going on with your Program.

The Internet is or can be So Impersonal, but with a mailing list, you can drive some personal back into it.

When people get to know you, when they get to trust you, then they will join with you in your programs. It's that simple.

Build that Trust withrepparttar 122557 people on your Mailing List, and they will follow your lead….

Written by John Olson Owner and Webmaster http://shop-money-time.com http://tgif-marketing.com (c) Copyright, 2003 Reprint rights available with this Signature only.

Persistence, What You Need to Succeed

Written by John Olson

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Now, it was tough that first week onrepparttar job. Tough to walk up to strange doors and go into my pitch, hoping I had allrepparttar 122549 answers ifrepparttar 122550 questions came. And they did, and I answered them. All of them. Took time to get allrepparttar 122551 answers down so I could do it smoothly, but I did it. I masteredrepparttar 122552 job, and I made sales and money. A lot of money.

What has all this Door-to-Door stuff have to do with Network marketing?


You must haverepparttar 122553 need to dorepparttar 122554 job. You must learn how to dorepparttar 122555 job. You must learn your product and answerrepparttar 122556 questions. You must keep talking to people.

Your need might be just earning a few extra dollars online a month. Or it might be earning enough to quit your day job. Or it might be a need to make a ton of money. What ever your need is, you must want it bad enough to dorepparttar 122557 job, learnrepparttar 122558 job and learn your product or service.

Notice I keep calling this a job? I bet you thought of this as a way out of a job. But it is a JOB. You can call it running your own online business, but it's still a JOB. And you have got to treat it like one. You go to Work everyday atrepparttar 122559 same time and put in your hours, right. The same needs to happen with this Network JOB. You need to learn how to do it, and follow through or you are never going to make a dime and you might as well playrepparttar 122560 Lotto with allrepparttar 122561 money you spend joining this thing and that thing.

I am trying to help you dorepparttar 122562 JOB. I am trying to teach you how to dorepparttar 122563 JOB. Are you learning anything? Persistence pays off, whether you are going Door-to-Door selling or placing ads online or using Hit Exchanges. Or posting to Safelists, or buying ads in E-zines.

Don't let me hear you say you can't do this. Don't let me hear it. Because you can. All you need isrepparttar 122564 need to learn it and do it.

This is important. You need to haverepparttar 122565 need. You need to learnrepparttar 122566 JOB. You need to be Persistent.

Written by John Olson Owner and Webmaster http://shop-money-time.com http://tgif-marketing.com (c) Copyright, 2003 Reprint rights available with this Signature only.

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