A Look at Ask Jeeves and Teoma - Part 2

Written by Robin Nobles

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Jim: "Yes it is."

(End of interview/chat session)

Let's take a longer look at Teoma

If you haven't visited Teoma yet and performed a few searches, you need to do so (http://www.teoma.com/). It's a really cool engine with some very interesting and helpful features.

For example, it's a no-nonsense engine like Google with one purpose only: search.

When you search at Teoma, you're given three sets of results:

* Results, which are relevant Web pages fromrepparttar Teoma index;

* Refine, which are suggestions for narrowing your search;

* Resources, which are link collections from experts and enthusiasts.

So with Teoma, if your search results are too broad, you can immediately narrow them down by choosing one ofrepparttar 128339 suggestions inrepparttar 128340 Refine section.

And, inrepparttar 128341 Resources area, you'll find "experts" in that particular focus area. This is an excellent place to find related and important sites that might be good candidates to contact about swapping links.

More on Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves isrepparttar 128342 "question answering" search engine, which puts it into a class of its own. (http://www.askjeeves.com)

Atrepparttar 128343 top ofrepparttar 128344 search results, you'll see a "featured sponsor" section, which is their Premier Listing advertisement that we've discussed previously.

With some searches, you'll see a "sponsored links" section, which are results currently being provided by Overture. However, on September 3, Ask Jeeves will be switching to Google for their paid listings.

Then, you'll find search results from Teoma, followed by a section called, "Other people with your search have also asked:" In that section, you'll see additional questions that may help answer your initial question, with results coming from Ask.com.

Like at Teoma, you can narrow your search down by choosing one ofrepparttar 128345 search terms onrepparttar 128346 right-hand side ofrepparttar 128347 page.

Ask Jeeves recently entered into an agreement with Google to display their Google AdWords in Ask Jeeves results effective September 3, 2002. Those results will be shown at both Ask Jeeves and Teoma as "sponsored links." For more information, visit: http://www.nytimes.com/aponline echnology/AP-Ask-Jeeves- Google.html

In Conclusion

Teoma has taken overrepparttar 128348 old Direct Hit site, and I believe we'll see some big things out of this fascinating engine inrepparttar 128349 future.

Ask Jeeves is as it's always been: unique - a place where you can go and ask a question and be presented with several possible answers.

If you haven't submitted your site to Ask Jeeves/Teoma, and if your site isn't found inrepparttar 128350 Teoma index, I strongly suggest that you consider their pay inclusion program and become a part of their index.

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com).

A new Web Marketing ROI Calculator - Part 1

Written by Robin Nobles

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"PPC isrepparttar average price per click you have set for yourself. For those using this for SEO, this can be left blank. The PPC can be changed or added at any time, allowing you to re-calculate your PPC using new information.

"CONV isrepparttar 128338 number of conversions you have received from that particular search engine. The details aboutrepparttar 128339 number of conversions are atrepparttar 128340 next level.

"You can define what a conversion is:

-A "SALE" -A subscription -Downloading a file -Filling out a form -Or anything you consider to be an acquisition

"The CONV% is where KeywordTool calculatesrepparttar 128341 percentage of conversions based onrepparttar 128342 number of referrals received from that search engine. It's really just a performance guide ofrepparttar 128343 search engine forrepparttar 128344 keywords you have listings for.

"PPA isrepparttar 128345 `price per acquisition.' It tells you how much each new customer costs you for that particular search engine. The number indicated is rounded torepparttar 128346 closest dollar.

"ROI is your potential return on investment. It's based onrepparttar 128347 information provided andrepparttar 128348 referrals and conversion rates recorded.

"Some ofrepparttar 128349 rows don't have information, because we haven't definedrepparttar 128350 cost per click or estimated profit on that particular search engine. This can be added or updated at any time.

"Startrepparttar 128351 next section by clicking onrepparttar 128352 column marked `Clicks' to sortrepparttar 128353 SE's from highest referrals to lowest. Yahoo US hasrepparttar 128354 highest number of referrals, so it comes torepparttar 128355 top ofrepparttar 128356 list.

"Click on `Yahoo.US.' It will then take you torepparttar 128357 next screen where there are 2 sections marked `search words' and `categories.' Search words are referrals from SE', and categories are from directories. Yahoo displays both so KeywordTool separatesrepparttar 128358 results.

"Click on `Search Words.' The next screen will displayrepparttar 128359 exact results and performance for each keyword phrase. Click on CONV to sort torepparttar 128360 highest conversion keywords in this section. This isrepparttar 128361 section where you can start seeing which keywords are working well for you and which ones are not.

"The keywords that work well are ones that you can focus on to ensure they are also listed onrepparttar 128362 other search engines. You can quickly see which of your initial chosen keywords are working well and which you might want to consider dropping or reviewing. You can then work to get improved listings on other search engines for a small select group of keywords that you are confident will give yourepparttar 128363 highest ROI. The numbers provided in KeywordTool's reports could be used to make better, informed decisions.

"If a keyword phrase is not working well, it might either berepparttar 128364 wrong keyword forrepparttar 128365 product offered orrepparttar 128366 sales presentation is not working well on that page. Knowing that this keyword is not working well, you can then start to make changes to improve performance. For anyone who has tried tweaking your Google AdWords Select based on your copy and click performance, this works in muchrepparttar 128367 same way. With KeywordTool, it's fairly easy to know which keyword phrases to work on and which ones are working well for you already.

"The information KeywordTool provides will tell you how much potential a keyword phrase has, allowing you to know how much to invest in SEO or PPC.

"Allrepparttar 128368 information in KeywordTool sections can be exported to Excel easily so you can manipulaterepparttar 128369 data and quickly determine what your strategy should be for getting better returns from your work. If you noticerepparttar 128370 Expert to Excel link atrepparttar 128371 top right ofrepparttar 128372 page, it's a very handy little tool."

(Continued in Part 2)

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com).

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