A Little Help To Find You A VoIP Phone

Written by Michael Lemm

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They also have a pretty active VoIP discussion board where you can get unedited non-PC opinions (PC politically correct....not PC personal computer LOL), breaking news good and bad, andrepparttar opportunity to ask about use and installation at:

VoIP Forum

You should also look overrepparttar 146376 info atrepparttar 146377 FCC website (Federal Communications Commission). Besidesrepparttar 146378 expected legal stuff you can see whatrepparttar 146379 Feds think consumers should receive from VoIP vendors as well as some info on set-up and use:


I have a bunch of resources which will help you choose and understand VoIP phones at my blog BroadBand Nation. Be sure to click allrepparttar 146380 links and look overrepparttar 146381 article archive too.

BroadBand Nation

Personally I'm partial to Packet8.....especially for business use (VoIP video phone, Virtual Office hosted PBX). But that's just me.

Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications http://ld.net/mscprez and http://DS3-Bandwidth.com ....delivering choices to both residential and business consumers worldwide for voice and data broadband services. Michael also authors BroadBand Nation http://BroadBand-Nation.blogspot.com where you're always welcome to to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, and ramblings for the masses.

Mobile Content: An Expression of Individuality

Written by Michelle Lehoux

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Opening a mobile content delivery store isrepparttar new thing. Successful business entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this new opportunity fast and making a name for themselves inrepparttar 146332 world of mobile media. “It’s easy”, says Larry Lehoux CEO ofrepparttar 146333 Data Corp a leading developer in mobile delivery software. “We’ve taken a very complicated process and made it simple. Mobiletoolbox, provides allrepparttar 146334 tools needed to sell mobile media- including content conversion, mobile delivery and sales management.”

If you are interested in opening your own online mobile multimedia store where you can sell mobile media such as ringtones, wallpaper, screensavers and games- please visit Mobiletoolbox’s website at www.mobiletoolbox.com.


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