A Letter of Congratulation to George Bush

Written by Arthur Zulu

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Even then, writers arerepparttar most disgraced people for writing you out ofrepparttar 125929 White House before your time. Let them dare write again. Never mind, I will send them a riposte in your behalf. Evenrepparttar 125930 movie stars are up in arms against you,. Now, I will advise you to turn uprepparttar 125931 thermostat ofrepparttar 125932 Fahrenheit and burn them till they expire.

And cynics who are coming to terms with your victory are saying that you only won by a "slight" margin. Some are also wondering if your brother inrepparttar 125933 "F" state didn't do one or two things behind a magic curtain to influencerepparttar 125934 poll's result. So they are still using words like "rigging" andrepparttar 125935 "F factor." But don't mind them, even if they call itrepparttar 125936 "hand of God."

Those that I pityrepparttar 125937 most are terrorists, leaders of rogue states, and those producing weapons of mass destruction with evil intentions. I did not mention North Korea or Iran. To be honest with a capital "H," I do not want Hong Song-nam and Mohammad Khatami to be "Saddamized." Or will they berepparttar 125938 next to go? You know what I'm talking about--"regime change" andrepparttar 125939 hooded man in red,repparttar 125940 hangman. I'm told thatrepparttar 125941 job is in high demand in these seasons of anomy.

I didn't realize how easy it is to create jobs till now. What ifrepparttar 125942 U.N. sponsors an international conference titled HOW TO CREATE A MILLION JOBS IN A YEAR, with a little explanation on how to do mass rape and operate torture chambers, forrepparttar 125943 FULL benefit of genocidal heads of state. For spcial guest of honor, I nominate Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. And for observers, I recommendrepparttar 125944 "janjaweed," and delegates from Bosnia and Rwanda.

I feel very sorry for them because as you said in your 2004 State ofrepparttar 125945 Union Address,repparttar 125946 work would not be left "unfinished"; "this danger must be defeated"; "we refuse to live inrepparttar 125947 shadows of this ultimate danger."

Good talk. For according to you again "the world without Saddam Hussein is [really] a safer and better world." See how peacefulrepparttar 125948 earth is now. Actually, "the world is changing forrepparttar 125949 better," as you said and before you leaverepparttar 125950 White House,repparttar 125951 world would have been transformed into a paradise without wars and terrorism.

But make no mistake about it,repparttar 125952 world will return torepparttar 125953 status quo if you hand over power torepparttar 125954 Democrats. I think thatrepparttar 125955 only electable person who can consolidate your enviable legacy is Dick Cheney. I do not mean that his unsmiling visage will frighten away terrorists and bad people. Rather, I know that he isrepparttar 125956 most suitable man forrepparttar 125957 job judging from what he said on July 24, 2003: "One by one, in every corner ofrepparttar 125958 world, we will huntrepparttar 125959 terrorists down and destroy them." He sounds even a bit more upbeat than you.

Which means that after you have leftrepparttar 125960 paradise earth to him, he will upgrade it to heavenly status. Then we will have heaven on earth and live in ETERNAL BLISS ever after. I am eagerly looking forward to that GREAT day.

Once again, congratulations! And three cheers!

Yours sincerely, Arthur Zulu.

Arthur Zulu isrepparttar 125961 author of HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER, CHASING SHADOWS! and A LETTER TO NOAH to be published soon. Goto: http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/21013 Maito: mostcontroversialwriter@yahoo.com For his works and FREE articles,userepparttar 125962 search engines and search "ARTHUR ZULU."

Arthur Zulu is an author, book reviewer and editor.

Peace in the Mideast

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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This same plan might be necessary if Nations are to continue in their present sovereign (derived from Kings who were said to be Divine) status. I would hope that will not happen but it is apparent inrepparttar words of Woolsey and Bennett that it isrepparttar 125928 plan. It is in factrepparttar 125929 way that Kissinger Associates have laid outrepparttar 125930 NSS document that George II calls a War on Terra.

Onrepparttar 125931 other hand if people started learningrepparttar 125932 Hegelian Dialectic of history - then real change could occur. Then standing armies would be outlawed and women would be free. How can people be educated about allrepparttar 125933 lies of Nations and leaders and yet still have some hope for mankind?

You can listen to radio interviews and see free articles or excerpts from my books at World-Mysteries.com. My bio there will explain some of my purpose.

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