A Letter To Ezine Publishers: With Gratitude

Written by Jo McNamara

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Most ofrepparttar products Iíve bought, I bought from you, Dear Publisher. I will buy from you because weíve been together for a while and Iíve come to trust you. Forrepparttar 124302 most part, I know that what you are offering is something you believe will help me in my Net marketing efforts. And youíre usually right. I now know who is just trying to shove a product down my throat to make a buck. But Iím not worried about you because I no longer subscribe to your publication

It was duringrepparttar 124303 tragic events following September 11; I came to realize that you, as publishers, and we, as subscribers, were a community. We pulled together. You suggested we give blood; you gave us information on how we could help. You showed us your hearts; you shared your tears with us.

As publishers of electronic newsletters, you give so much to us. You dedicate much, if not most of your time to give us something very valuable. And you give it to us for free. All you ask in return is that we read what you are offering and hopefully, learn from it. You come into our lives daily, weekly, monthly. Sometimes we subscribers take you for granted. We forget to say "thank you."



A Subscriber

"He who receives a benefit with gratitude repaysrepparttar 124304 first installment on his debt." Marcus Annaeus Seneca

P.S. I have many more installments to make.

Jo McNamara lives in Orlando, FL with 8 cats and 1 husband. You may receive other articles written by Jo at: mailto:articles_jomc@sendfree.com "I wish Iíd found the Internet Marketing Success Arsenal when I first started out...I would have saved myself countless, wasted hours and more money than I care to think about!" http://www.what-works-online.net


Written by Bob McElwain

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You Can't Be Serious?

You bet I am. I'm also being realistic. As stated, people have a life to live. "STAT News" has little to do with this fundamental task. If you believe your ezine is different in this regard, that subscribers cling to every word in every issue, you're dead wrong.

And There's More Bad News

Of those who do open my ezine, maybe half scan quickly torepparttar bottom, find nothing of interest, then trash it. Ofrepparttar 124301 rest, only a few will read from beginning to end. Some, but not many, may read an article, or part of one, before trashing it.

What A Dreary Picture

Maybe. But I don't see it this way. It's real. The way it is. People have lives to live. And my ezine doesn't matter much in making that happen.

Face it. People don't read all of a newspaper they buy. Books are often laid aside only half finished. Andrepparttar 124302 TV is often shut down inrepparttar 124303 middle of a worthwhile program, when something that matters more demands attention. Do you really think your ezine is exempt from such decisions? Get real.

Putting It Into Perspective.

I'm content that those who delete "STAT News" without opening it, at least have positive thoughts about me or my site. At least sufficiently positive they choose to remain subscribers. They'll turn back to readingrepparttar 124304 newsletter as time permits, provided they needrepparttar 124305 information in it. And they'll return to my site if they find they needrepparttar 124306 products and services available.

The same holds for those who quickly scan for something of interest. Or pause to read part of an article. They'll come back to reading when they need to. Meanwhile, I've demonstrated good free information is available. And again, reminded them of products and services I offer.

Personally, I'm delighted to continue to be invited by my subscribers to visit each week. And I'm excited when they find something helpful to them. Further I look forward to a time when I can help more specifically, with a product or service.

It has never occurred to me to ask for more. If you do so, your expectations are unrealistically high.

Bob McElwain, author of "Your Path To Success" and "Secrets To A Really Successful Website." For info, see Get ANSWERS. Subscribe to "STAT News" now! mailto:join-stat@lyris.dundee.net

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