A Guide to the World Famous San Diego Zoo

Written by Scott Olivares

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Downrepparttar middle ofrepparttar 150752 Zoo was probably my favorite because we got to seerepparttar 150753 Absolutely Apes exhibit. Here you will find orangutans and chimps in action, and in my personal opinion, I think they were trained to entertain visitors. They seem to loverepparttar 150754 attention of allrepparttar 150755 people watching them because they come right up torepparttar 150756 glass and find funny things to do. The more people point and take pictures,repparttar 150757 more creative they get.

If you continue downrepparttar 150758 middle ofrepparttar 150759 park and go downrepparttar 150760 long escalator, you will run intorepparttar 150761 most popular exhibit atrepparttar 150762 San Diego Zoo,repparttar 150763 Giant Panda. As you would imagine, this exhibit is always crowded. I had to wait in line about an hour to see a not so giant, but very cute sleeping panda bear. If you have never seen a panda in your life, then I would highly suggest that you check it out. You will probably never see one outside ofrepparttar 150764 San Diego Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo is definitely worth a visit, and I would recommend getting there early because it closes pretty early, around 4pm. Fortunately there are tons of things to do within Balboa Park and plenty of nearby places to hang out.

Written by Scott Olivares Editor of San Diego Hotel and Travel Guide

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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations and Hurricanes Ė How to Weather the Storm

Written by Evans Putman

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  • Watchrepparttar local weather station and follow their advice.
  • Check on earlier flights and arrive earlier atrepparttar 150679 airport.
  • Fill your car with a full tank of gas at first sign of hurricane.
  • Map out evacuation routes before your leave.
  • Pack water and food in case of traffic jams when driving.
  • Donít wait untilrepparttar 150680 last minute to evacuate.

Most golf packages provide refunds or rain checks inrepparttar 150681 event of cancellations and evacuations due to hurricanes. Make sure to ask about this before booking your Myrtle Beach golf vacation. Even if you are not planning a Myrtle Beach golf trip during hurricane season, go ahead and ask your golf package provider about refunds and cancellations caused by bad weather.

Whatever you do, donít takerepparttar 150682 threat of hurricanes lightly. Pay attention to local weather forecasts. Listen to local officials. Followrepparttar 150683 steps above and giver yourself plenty of time to evacuate your golf vacation destination safely.

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