A Guide to Better Link Popularity

Written by John Buchanan

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*Search for smaller vertical directories to submit your site to. There are thousands of these directories out there. A good place to start is at:


*One often overlooked trick is to find similar sites that use guestbooks and forums. If you can find these you will often be able to post a message and include your URL. Be careful with this. Some forums don't allowrepparttar posting of URL's so check out their rules of etiquette first.

*Testimonials of products can also be a good way to get your URL out. Consider writing a testimonial of a product you've used. Include your name and URL atrepparttar 119397 bottom. Emailrepparttar 119398 testimonial torepparttar 119399 site owner. Site owner's are ALWAYS looking for testimonials as it increases buyer confidence and most likely they will be happy to post your testimonial.

*Writing articles on your topic can also be a great way to get your URL out. Write an article and include your URL inrepparttar 119400 bio atrepparttar 119401 end ofrepparttar 119402 article. Once written submit it to related areas aroundrepparttar 119403 web such as E-zines etc. Most of these publications also keep web-based archive of articles thatrepparttar 119404 search engines will eventually spider.

*One product I have personally used is a program called Zeus. This program can dramatically reducerepparttar 119405 time involved in finding sites similar to yours. There is a bit of a learning curve to it, but once you understand it and have it up and running, it is a definite time saver. The program is designed to automate repparttar 119406 entire task of finding sites, contacting them, and building a link system for those sites, but many people use it just to help them locaterepparttar 119407 sites so they can personally contact them. For more information on Zeus, visitrepparttar 119408 following URL:


*If you don't think you haverepparttar 119409 time to devote to this consider hiring a professional to dorepparttar 119410 work for you. I have personally worked with a company called LinkageXpress and had great results. They have different price plans depending onrepparttar 119411 number of links you want. For more information on them visitrepparttar 119412 following URL


*Finally, don't forget to link from your site to other related and important sites. This is also taken into account byrepparttar 119413 engines.

Yes, it can be a bit of a task, but it is an absolute necessity in todays search engine era. Stick torepparttar 119414 above guideline and with a little work, effort, and time, you should be sitting pretty.

Good Luck and Happy Linking!

John Buchanan is the author of the book "The Insider's Guide to Dominating The Search Engines", and publisher of "The Search Engine Bulletin", a FREE monthly newsletter. Visit him at http://www.se-secrets.com for more information or to sign up for the newsletter.

How To Cure "Invisible Website Syndrome"

Written by Robin Porter

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3. Recognise you have it Ifrepparttar diagnosis confirms your website as a sufferer, then face up to it. Acceptance isrepparttar 119396 first step towards recovery!

4. Takerepparttar 119397 medicine and commit wholeheartedly to recovery Resolve to takerepparttar 119398 medicine, however unpleasantrepparttar 119399 taste. There are two options: Do it yourself and you'll need to studyrepparttar 119400 search engines inside out. A potentially daunting task, but it may suit you if you've got more time than money.

Alternatively, enlistrepparttar 119401 help of a search engine specialist who can undertake & administerrepparttar 119402 whole process of recovery to full visibility.

(Special note: Don't be tempted to cut corners by using automated software without proper research. You could do more harm than good.)

5. Immunise against future outbreaks Once onrepparttar 119403 road to recovery (it can be a long process), you'll want to make certain IWS never strikes your site again. Constant attention will prevent further outbreaks. Asrepparttar 119404 search engines change, so to does IWS. There is no "magic pill" cure - it can strike again at any time, unless you remain vigilant. So, keep on top of how it's evolving as a result of search engine changes and act accordingly. A monthly maintenance programme to keep your website visible should be your goal.

Don't ignore Invisible Website Syndrome. It'srepparttar 119405 internet equivalent of a wasting disease, slowly taking hold on your website, eroding your profits while your competitors grow stronger. Withrepparttar 119406 huge amount of webpages online, it can only get worse.

Robin Porter See if your website suffers from "Invisible Website Syndrome" - get a free visibility report for your site at http://www.rpasystems.com

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