A Great Press Release Can Really Get Your Business Noticed

Written by Alvin Apple

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Once you've got your release written, submit it to as many media outlets as possible. You can find media databases and lists of editors all overrepparttar web. One that I've had particularly great luck with is Gebbie.com., try them, and also do a search to see what you can come up with on your own. Submit to all of your local papers, radio stations and TV stations as well. Too often people doing business online forget about local media, and sometimes they can be your biggest champions.

Linking your release to a popular story inrepparttar 101168 news can also get an editor's attention. If a specific topic is already onrepparttar 101169 tips of people's tongues, a related release is much more likely to be picked up. Media people tend to think that a typical audience can only stay interested in a few topics at a time, so if you can tie your story in to something that's already getting buzz you'll have a much better chance. If you don't get picked up right away, keep trying. What an editor ignores today may sound like a great story next month. Don't give up.

The time at which you submit your release is crucial as well. You will always have a better chance of being noticed ifrepparttar 101170 editor receives your story before 3pm. Late afternoon is deadline "crunch" time for newspapers, pastrepparttar 101171 prime news times of radio, and getting into last minute preparation time for TV news. Keep that in mind and don't get lost inrepparttar 101172 shuffle.

If you do it right, submitting a press release can be a great way of gettingrepparttar 101173 word out about your business. There's money to be made out there if you just know how to do it.

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Tag, You're It !

Written by Larry Johnson

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3) Write down everything you can think of that relates to your business. You may even start with a narrative description in paragraph form.

4) Now, make a list ofrepparttar top 25 or 30 things that are important and worth mentioning. Whittle that list down to 8 or 10 ofrepparttar 101167 most important things you wish to say. Now eliminate repetition or things that are not really that necessary to your product or service. Get your list of words or phrases down to 3 or 4 central elements.

5) Based on your final core selection, make up some phrases that will serve as your taglines for consideration. Keep them short and use simple, everyday language.

Which of these taglines would you remember best ? :


"Joe's auto repair shop,repparttar 101168 lowest-prices andrepparttar 101169 best service" OR "Quality Care For Your Car !"


"The Best Tax Service Anywhere Around The Town !" OR "Your Tax Experts At Work !"


"Emergengy ambulance service available 24-hours a day" OR "When Minutes Count!"


Well, you getrepparttar 101170 idea!

Do some test marketing with your final two or three best taglines. Discoverrepparttar 101171 one that works best for you and incoporate it into all of your promotional messages.

Remember, like any of life's endeavors, experience and practice help to improve your skills level. If you want to be a good writer, write a lot !

Best of luck in your promotional efforts !

Larry is the editor of BIZ SITE BIZ E-ZINE, a Free weekly business promotion newsletter full of timely tips, original "How-To" articles, quotes and humor. http://www.BizSiteBiz.com/ Come on down and join us as we discover better ways to market and promote on the internet !

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