A Georgia Country Boy Rates Vegas!

Written by Ed Williams

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3. Women, women, and women! There’s something unusual goin’ on in Vegas, something I can’t quite explain but still want to tell y’all about. The women in Vegas must be extra friendly, andrepparttar reason I know that is that they actually have people standing out onrepparttar 150108 streets handing out cards with their names and telephone numbers on them. Isn’t thatrepparttar 150109 friendliest thing you‘ve ever heard of? Where else could you go and experience hospitality like this? How Vegas has managed to get so many friendly women all in one place is something I‘ll never figure out...

4. The shows! I saw Little Richard inrepparttar 150110 Orleans Motel and Casino Showroom, and man was he was great! Also performing onrepparttar 150111 strip were Gladys Knight, Celine Dion, a whole bunch of Elvis impersonators, and many, many more top flight entertainers. There were also some topless reviews, as they like to get naked at some of these Vegas clubs, but beingrepparttar 150112 highly conservative type person that I am I didn’t dare visit any of them. Topless women,repparttar 150113 nerve!

Folks, I’m already atrepparttar 150114 end of this column and I’m still just getting started, I haven’t even mentionedrepparttar 150115 great food,repparttar 150116 thrill rides,repparttar 150117 sightseeing, and a whole lot more. Because of that, I’m already in close consultation with Brothers Pippin and Foskey regardingrepparttar 150118 planning for our first ever Brotherhood visit to Las Vegas. Right now we’re envisioning this as a yearly type ritual, but that‘s always up for negotiation, to dorepparttar 150119 proper research we may need several trips out there every year. Can y’all imagine Hugh,repparttar 150120 Pip, and I all together out onrepparttar 150121 Vegas strip? Out inrepparttar 150122 middle of Sin City? I sure can!

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Honolulu or Santo Domingo Where Are the Best Prices?

Written by Donald Harrison

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Forget about vacationing inrepparttar Dominican Republic untilrepparttar 150103 country gets a more sensible government.

Inrepparttar 150104 meantime check out Hawaii with wide beaches, waving palms and balmy weather, but Honolulu isn't justrepparttar 150105 tropical splendor you used to see on Hawaii 5-0. Asrepparttar 150106 only US city located inrepparttar 150107 tropics,repparttar 150108 only one with a royal palace andrepparttar 150109 only one that can claim an equal blend of Western, Asian and Polynesian influences, Honolulu offers visitors a cornucopia of cross-cultural attractions.

I am a teacher and I travel in the summers looking for travel bargains.

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