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Written by Joe Duchesne

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But I'm not a writer!

I can almost guarantee that you know things other people want to know. It could be almost anything. Write about things you know andrepparttar writing will take care of itself. Using a word processor, you can make sure your article is spell checked and has proper grammer. You don't have to write a book. You only need between 300 and 400 words to be able to deal effectively on a topic.

Decide to take action today

For years, I had read aboutrepparttar 143676 benefits of writing articles to get people to my website and for years I put it off because I didn't consider myself a writer. Once I maderepparttar 143677 decision to take action and write,repparttar 143678 benefits have far outweighed any fear I had about writing. Determine to take action and just do it! Sit down right now and write your first article. You won't regret it!

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Anatomy Of An Internet Search Engine

Written by Dave Davies

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The Knowing - Search engines know by crawling. What they know goes far beyond what is commonly perceived by most users, webmasters and SEOs. Whilerepparttar vast storehouse we callrepparttar 142249 Internet provides billions upon billions of pages of data forrepparttar 142250 search engines to know they also pick up more than that. Search engines know a number of different methods for storing data, presenting data, prioritizing data and of course, way of trickingrepparttar 142251 engines themselves.

Whilerepparttar 142252 search engine spiders are crawlingrepparttar 142253 web they are grabbingrepparttar 142254 stores of data that exist and sending it back torepparttar 142255 datacenters, where that information is processed through existing algorithms and sp@m filters where it will attain a ranking based onrepparttar 142256 engine's current understanding ofrepparttar 142257 wayrepparttar 142258 Internet andrepparttar 142259 documents contained within it work.

Similar torepparttar 142260 way we process an article from a newspaper based on our current understanding ofrepparttar 142261 world,repparttar 142262 search engines process and rank documents based on what they understand to be true inrepparttar 142263 way documents are organized onrepparttar 142264 Internet.

The Learning - Once it is understood that search engines rank documents based on a specific understanding ofrepparttar 142265 wayrepparttar 142266 Internet functions, it then follows that in order to insure that new document types and technologies are able to be read and thatrepparttar 142267 algorithm be changed as new understandings ofrepparttar 142268 functionality ofrepparttar 142269 Internet are uncovered a search engine must haverepparttar 142270 ability to "learn".

Aside from a search engine needingrepparttar 142271 ability to properly spider documents stored in newer technologies, search engines must also haverepparttar 142272 ability to detect and accurately penalize sp@m and as well as accurately rank websites based on new understandings ofrepparttar 142273 way documents are organized and links arranged. Examples of areas where search engines must learn in an ongoing basis include but are most certainly not limited to:

  • Understandingrepparttar 142274 relevancy ofrepparttar 142275 content between sites where a link is found
  • Attainingrepparttar 142276 ability to viewrepparttar 142277 content on documents contained within new technologies such as database types, Flash, etc.
  • Understandingrepparttar 142278 various methods used to hide text, links, etc. in order to penalize sites engaging in these tactics
  • Learning from current results and any shortcoming in them, what tweaks to current algorithms or what additional considerations must be taken into account to improverepparttar 142279 relevancy ofrepparttar 142280 results inrepparttar 142281 future.

The learning of a search engine generally comes fromrepparttar 142282 uber-geeks hired by andrepparttar 142283 users ofrepparttar 142284 search engines. Once a factor is taken into account and programmed intorepparttar 142285 algorithm it them moves intorepparttar 142286 "knowing" category untilrepparttar 142287 next round of updates.

How This Helps in SEO

This isrepparttar 142288 point at which you may be asking yourself, "This is all well-and-good but exactly how does this help ME?" An understanding of how search engines function, how they learn, and how they live is one ofrepparttar 142289 most important understandings you can have in optimizing a website. This understanding will insure that you don't simply apply random tricks in hopes that you've listened torepparttar 142290 right person inrepparttar 142291 forums that day but rather that you consider what isrepparttar 142292 search engine trying to do and does this tactic fit withrepparttar 142293 long term goals ofrepparttar 142294 engine.

For a while keyword density sp@mming was allrepparttar 142295 rage amongrepparttar 142296 less ethical SEOs as was building networks of websites to link together in order to boost link popularity. Neither of these tactics work today and why? They do not fit withrepparttar 142297 long-term goals ofrepparttar 142298 search engine. Search engines, like humans, want to survive. Ifrepparttar 142299 results they provide are poor thenrepparttar 142300 engine will die a slow but steady death and so they evolve.

When considering any tactic you must consider, does this fit withrepparttar 142301 long-term goals ofrepparttar 142302 engine? Does this tactic in general serve to provide better results forrepparttar 142303 largest number of searches? Ifrepparttar 142304 answer is yes thenrepparttar 142305 tactic is sound.

For example,repparttar 142306 overall relevancy of your website (i.e. doesrepparttar 142307 majority of your content focus on a single subject) has become more important overrepparttar 142308 past year or so. Does this helprepparttar 142309 searcher? The searcher will find more content onrepparttar 142310 subject they have searched on larger sites with larger amounts of related content and thus this shift does helprepparttar 142311 searcher overall. A tactic that includesrepparttar 142312 addition of more content to your site is thus a solid one as it helps buildrepparttar 142313 overall relevancy of your website and givesrepparttar 142314 visitor more and updated information at their disposal once they get there.

Another example would be in link building. Reciprocal links are becoming less relevant and reciprocal-links between unrelated sites are virtually irrelevant. If you are engaging in reciprocal link building insure thatrepparttar 142315 sites you link to are related to your site's content. As a search engine I would want to know that a site in my results also provided links to other related sites thus increasingrepparttar 142316 chance thatrepparttar 142317 searcher was going to findrepparttar 142318 information that they are looking for one way or another without having to switch to a different search engine.

In Short

In short, think ahead. Understand that search engines are organic beings that will continue to evolve. Help feed them when they visit your site and they will return often and reward your efforts. Use unethical tactics and you may hold a good position for a while but inrepparttar 142319 end, if you do not use tactics that provide for good overall results, you will not hold your position for long. They will learn.

Dave Davies is the CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over four years and has a solid history of success. Beanstalk is happy to offer guaranteed search engine positioning services to its clients.

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