A Fool And Their Rights Are Soon Parted

Written by Fred Ost

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In that same quote did you notice anything about whether that AK-47 was a legally purchased and registered gun? No you didn't because this is information thatrepparttar government feels you do not need, this enable them to plant yet another fear seed, and again take advantage of your ignorance. When I say "ignorance" I am not always referring to stupidity, I also mean lack of information. The Freedom Of Information Act allows us to findrepparttar 150586 answers to questions like "Was that AK-47 a legally purchased and registered gun?" If you are willing to jump through enough hoops and cut through enough red tape to get to that information. Even if you were willing to runrepparttar 150587 gamut to find those answers, you more than likely are doing it while trying to advance your career, support and enjoy time with your family and get your eight hours of sleep, so byrepparttar 150588 time you get to those answersrepparttar 150589 laws have been passed. Coincidence?

Now turn your attention torepparttar 150590 paragraph aboutrepparttar 150591 gun shows. I have never been to one, nor do I currently own a firearm, but am I to be led to believe, that you can purchase an assault rifle or any other rifle with mayberepparttar 150592 exception of a black powder flintlock, at a gun show, or anywhere else for that matter with no identification whatsoever. If this were trulyrepparttar 150593 case there would be a conga line of drug dealers and terrorists aroundrepparttar 150594 block from every gun show in repparttar 150595 United States with suitcases full of cash, arming themselves torepparttar 150596 teeth.

This leaves me with two questions, where did they getrepparttar 150597 identification if it was not false? And why wererepparttar 150598 gun show personnel, who are licensed byrepparttar 150599 government to sell these weapons, not trained to spot a potential fake id? (if repparttar 150600 id's were fake and not another clerical error combined with a botched background check where allrepparttar 150601 involved agencies did not have their ducks in a row).

The gun law supporters say it's very easy to get a gun, this is absolutely true, if you do not obeyrepparttar 150602 law. Cash talks onrepparttar 150603 street, andrepparttar 150604 street listens. However it is not as easy to get a gun if you go throughrepparttar 150605 proper channels, fill out allrepparttar 150606 correct paperwork, provide proper identification (and references in some cases) and wait for your documents entitling you to purchase your firearms legally. The people that go throughrepparttar 150607 trouble to purchase their firearms this way arerepparttar 150608 ones being punished with these laws, notrepparttar 150609 criminals.

There are two methods that would stop illegal gun traffic in its tracks, A: make possession of an illegally obtained firearm a capital offense covered byrepparttar 150610 death penalty (after all, gun law supporters sayrepparttar 150611 only purpose certain weapons have is to kill, so that must be their intent) and B: make possession of an illegally obtained firearm punishable by a mandatory life sentence in prison. Law enforcement and allrepparttar 150612 gun law supporters could then breathe a sigh of relief and turn their attention back torepparttar 150613 real criminals, but we know that those laws will never get passed.

Who can honestly object to those laws that is not a criminal? You can't just accidentally buy a gun, they don't fall offrepparttar 150614 shelves inrepparttar 150615 supermarket into your shopping cart, and if a friend left it at your house, or in your car they would have no trouble going torepparttar 150616 police station to admit their error, since they of course purchased their firearms legally. It is a win win set of laws as far as I am concerned.

Unless of course you throw inrepparttar 150617 corrupt cop scenario, whererepparttar 150618 officer plantsrepparttar 150619 firearm in your possession, but that would not be happening either because we have police, policingrepparttar 150620 police to protect us from this sort of corruption right? Unfortunately that scenario alone will probably keep those laws from getting passed. Now everyone loses,repparttar 150621 police,repparttar 150622 citizens,repparttar 150623 legal gun enthusiasts,repparttar 150624 victims of violent crimes committed with illegally obtained firearms, but notrepparttar 150625 criminals. So who is truly to blame? Personally I am all forrepparttar 150626 strictest punishments for illegally obtained firearms, because I have neitherrepparttar 150627 intent or desire to illegally obtain a firearm, it's just that simple. I'm not a big pro-gun person but I deeply cherish my right to have one, and likerepparttar 150628 old saying goes "If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns."

So existsrepparttar 150629 axis of voluntary freedom surrender fear, desire for convenience, and ignorance. The founding fathers fought to get us our rights and freedoms as United States citizens but it is up to us, "werepparttar 150630 people" to maintain that freedom. Helprepparttar 150631 groups that fight for your freedom every day by visiting them and doing what you can to help your future. The Electronic Frontier Foundation , The League of Conservation Voters and The American Civil Liberties Union.

Fred Ost is a writer, web designer and aspiring indie movie maker. He is a founder of, and staff writer at the free independent artits community at http://www.scptv.net.

Honesty Accepted - Deception Denied

Written by Linda Reeves

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If you are going to share personal information, be very cautious, be generic, but honest. If you plan on meeting this person and who knows, maybe start a relationship, don't sabotage it with lies. A good relationship, romantic or friendship is based on trust and honesty. Start off onrepparttar right foot, and maintain a certain mystery about yourself to pique their interest, remember any embellishments will be exposed, relationships destroyed and in most casesrepparttar 150540 trust is gone forever.

Simple advice......tellrepparttar 150541 truth no matter how bad it sounds, your honesty will be welcomed and very much appreciated not to mentionrepparttar 150542 open doors that result from that same honesty. Honesty is sexy and appealing and lies, well, they are boring, unattractive and get you nowhere, but caught!

Those of you that are lying to someone right now, come clean, spillrepparttar 150543 beans, maybe you can be forgiven, maybe not, but you can start fresh from here.....the point of honesty and truth in Online Dating and every aspect of your life. It is much less complicated to tellrepparttar 150544 truth than it is to cover a lie.

Linda Reeves is a 47 year old advice columnist who writes for Cupids Blackbook she lives in the American Midwest.

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