A Few Tips On Comic Book Bags

Written by AAA-Collectables

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The economy comic backing should be used for short-term storage and stiffening purposes only. It does contain acid and can contribute torepparttar breakdown ofrepparttar 150301 comic. People generally use this board for quick sale items. The standard acid-free comic backing material is acid-free and can be used for long-term storage (over 100 years). The archival comic backing material is acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate, which means that it will remain archival for 100's of years. Our comic backing boards are sized to properly fit into our comic bags.

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Space Exploration, and the Room for it!

Written by Thick Mick.

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As well as that, couldn't anyone make up anything about a place that we can't see? Like, aboverepparttar sky for example. Bring it down, and show it to me, is what I say.

Is there oil up there? I doubt it. If there was, wouldn't it come down withrepparttar 149877 rain? Gold or silver? The same goes for that. Gas? Okay, there might be gas, but in my experience it is best to leave it there or bury it as was done generations ago.

Someone found a bacteria on Mars, if they did. They could have got it anywhere and its not like bacteria are known to break under interrogation. I'd say that you could getrepparttar 149878 strongest truth serum andrepparttar 149879 best you could hope for is a wet bacteria as well as an empty bottle.

So, I ask you; what is up there worth a damn and who would put it there if it was?

Andrepparttar 149880 exploration of space might be a waste of petrol, frog after-taste pills, truth serum and re-location papers for suspicious bacteria.

Thick Mick is an "expert" columnist with www.TheTrivialTimes.com

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