A Few Things - A Wonderful Gift

Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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If there are ideas in your mind, or projects half-started but never completed, get out those supplies and letrepparttar generosity of your heart leadrepparttar 116333 way so that our way of life and this world is not "missing" these wonderful accents that bring so much joy, comfort, and happiness into our own lives and those of others. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in yor field, give it all your care and love, and somewhere in time-future, your quilt, sweater, ceramic figurine, or felt banner will bring smiles, and enduring tokens of what a person is capable of bringing about from just a few simple "things."

Letrepparttar 116334 sunshine of whatever it is you make shine right along withrepparttar 116335 heavenly bodies for future generations, and bask inrepparttar 116336 warmth they will bring you today. ENJOY! ©Arleen M.Kaptur 2003 January

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Review of Felco pruner

Written by Robert Martin

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Felco #8 Pruner . The Felco 8 isrepparttar same asrepparttar 116332 Felco 7 withoutrepparttar 116333 rotating handle. These are my pruners of choice, as I do not likerepparttar 116334 feel ofrepparttar 116335 rotating handle and am also suspicious of additional moving parts. But I do likerepparttar 116336 ergonomic design ofrepparttar 116337 handles and believe this pruner which sells for $33.00 and up is well worthrepparttar 116338 slight increase in price overrepparttar 116339 original Felco 2. Felco #9 Pruner . The Felco 9 isrepparttar 116340 same asrepparttar 116341 Felco 8 with reversed blade, anvil and locking catch for left-handers. They sell for $30.00 and up. Felco #10 Pruner . The Felco 10 isrepparttar 116342 same asrepparttar 116343 Felco 7 reversed for left handers, complete with rotating handle. They sell for $42.00 and up. Felco #11 Pruner . The Felco 11 is similar torepparttar 116344 original Felco 2, with a more narrow, pointed anvil blade for extra close cutting. It has an ergonomic handle design, is 8 1/4" in overall length and sell for $32.00 and up. Felco #12 Pruner . The Felco 12 is a compact pruner likerepparttar 116345 Felco 6, designed for small hands, withrepparttar 116346 rotating handles. It is 7 1/4" in overall length and sells for $42.00 and up. Felco #13 Pruner . Introduced in 1996repparttar 116347 Felco 13 features extra long handles to give better leverage and for two hand use on heavy branches. It is 13 1/2" in overall length and sells for $38.00 and up. Felco #30 Pruner . The Felco 30 are anvil shears that I cannot recommended for roses. They are 8 1/2" in overall length and sell for $29.00 and up. One ofrepparttar 116348 best things about owning Felco pruners isrepparttar 116349 wide availability of replacement parts which can be used to extendrepparttar 116350 life ofrepparttar 116351 shears. These includerepparttar 116352 following at approximate prices: Cut Blade ..................... $9.95 Hook Blade ................. $9.95 Pivot Bolt & Nut ....... $7.60 Spring Pack ........... $3.25 Repair Parts (All parts not listed above) ....$5.45 "Although some local nurseries carry Felco pruning shears it is rare to find a wide selection and sometimes you have to ask since they are kept underrepparttar 116353 counter. There are many places to purchase Felco's in catalogs and a few online locations but one ofrepparttar 116354 most complete and perhapsrepparttar 116355 best pricing I have found is at Frostproof Growers Supply. They can be purchased online at their website which is: http://www.frostproof.com or you can call them at 800-635-3621."

Editor of the American Rose Society Quarterly Rose Exhibitors' Forum

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