A Few Simple Facts About Purple Martins

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

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Many people build Purple Martin houses to attract martins early inrepparttar spring, which are generally well liked byrepparttar 137752 birds. They preferrepparttar 137753 wooden condominium type houses. Most people like to paint there bird house white as white keepsrepparttar 137754 house cooler and is attractive torepparttar 137755 birds. Aluminum and plastic is used also inrepparttar 137756 commercially built bird house, but wood is by farrepparttar 137757 best choice for keeping cool. The best height to mount your bird house is from 15 to 20 inrepparttar 137758 air, but lower heights to 10 feet will work in wide open spaces. Always be sure to put a predator guard onrepparttar 137759 pole to prevent predatory cats or other vermin from raidingrepparttar 137760 nests.

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Backyard Ponds

Written by Robert Dorrance

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If you’re going to have a pond of any size, you should know of some ofrepparttar things that you’re going to need for it. Things you must have are a water pump, a pond filter, a UV filter, and some pond plants. Other things to consider are a good pond liner, some fish, an air diffuser, some pond lighting, fish food, and a skimmer.

These are some ofrepparttar 137751 things to consider if you want to have a pond. Initially, they can be kind of expensive, however, you will get a lot of enjoyment, as many other people do from their backyard ponds.

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