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To mitigate this problem consider using rights management software to protect your sensitive business data. Content rights management software not only encrypts files, but also serves to enforce access and limit usage privileges such as forwarding, editing and printing. These protections are persistent and remain with your files no matter where they travel. Any business that frequently exchange medical, financial, legal or design data should make regular use of encryption and content rights management technologies

Some established providers include: -Authentica: www.authentica.com -Essential Security Software: www.essentialsecurity.com -Microsoft IRM: www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/technologies/rightsmgmt/default.mspx


Periodic backups are required to ensure business continuity in case of an accident such as a hard-drive failure or attack. In a networked environment full and incremental data back-ups can be programmed to take place at regular intervals. Small offices environments should backup their sensitive data external hard-drive or cd at least once a week. It is good policy for companies to back-up email as well. Back-up data should be stored off-site in a secure location. Be sure to test your backup processes to ensure that indeed your data can be restored lieu of an operational failure.

Secure off-site data storage providers: -Iron Mountain: www.ironmountain.com -First Backup: www.firstbackup.com -KastenChase: www.kastenchase.com


Passwords are used to authenticaterepparttar identity of an individual user. Unless otherwise protected, once a password is broken your sensitive data is exposed. With free software that is readily available onrepparttar 145206 web, most passwords can be broken in a number of minutes. These programs often use known words and phrases to break passwords frequently beginning with “password” and “admin”. For good password security use a combination of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols (i.e. eR8>!tJd ). Make sure that your employees memorize their passwords and that these are not written down anywhere on premises.


While tips in this article will help your company to be more secure; every business is different and requires its own security strategy. Consider hiring an independent security consultant to asses your individual security situation. They will be able to help you create a comprehensive security policy that will meet your business needs.


No security plan is effective unless followed by your employees. Measures can be taken to severely limit their privileges such as browsingrepparttar 145207 internet, reading email, or preventingrepparttar 145208 reading of files from USB drive or cd. However, draconian security measures can interrupt workflow and damage productivity. A better policy is to limit some user privileges while educating your employees about your company’s security policies.

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What exactly online recruitment agencies do ?

Written by Ispas Marin

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What exactly arerepparttar advantages of using online recruitment agencies?

The recruitment agency can be working on your behalf if you're working full-time. You can set up work before you're arrival in a new town. You can work through staffing and contracts agencies to gain varied short-term experience with several employers.

Here are some general rules for using recruitment agencies:

Supplyrepparttar 145172 agencies with a CV that is targeted towards a particular work sector Keep chasingrepparttar 145173 agency for progress. Tellrepparttar 145174 agency about any important factors.

Using this type of agencies is a good thing and will probably help you but don't rely on agencies as your only means of finding a job.

For a easy-use-use and familiar simple solution to online recruitment just visit http://www.staff.ie

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