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Written by Robin Nobles

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When you're ready to see your ranking reports forrepparttar first time, you click onrepparttar 128051 Run Report link. Within minutes, you're reviewing your rankings across 18 search engines and directories. You can choose to viewrepparttar 128052 ranking reports by domain, by keyword, or by search engine, or you can create custom reports.

Then, once a week (or once per month, depending on your account type) WebRank will check your rankings and generate your reports automatically. Plus, you can choose to runrepparttar 128053 reports "now," at any time, by going into your Administration area.

With WebRank, you can customizerepparttar 128054 service to suit your needs. Do you want to receive reports by e-mail? Would you rather viewrepparttar 128055 reports online? It's possible either way.

The Email Notification Rules feature is also very handy, because it lets you choose when to receive e-mail pertaining to your rankings. For example, let's say that you've just created a new page. As soon asrepparttar 128056 page hits a 1-30 ranking, you can choose to be sent an email notification.

Once you've gotten your rankings and if they're not quite what they should be, click on "Increase My Rankings" for a comprehensive resource center that offers information on search engine marketing for do-it-yourselfers or for those who would rather hire a professional.

Also, their "Software Integrated Help System" will check your account periodically and send "smart" messages that will help you with your search engine marketing efforts. This system is designed particularly for beginners.

Another very interesting part of WebRank isrepparttar 128057 Doorway Domain Manager. Here's how it works. You decide on a domain name (with help from some handy online tools), then buy it for $19 a year through WebRank. Then, you use their step-by-step wizard to createrepparttar 128058 doorway site. Within 48 to 72 hours,repparttar 128059 domain is live and accessible. You're then prompted to submit some of your pages through free AddURL pages or pay inclusion programs. Then, WebRank will begin notifying you whenrepparttar 128060 pages have been indexed and what their rankings are. Can't set up a Web site much easier than that!

In Conclusion

If you're looking for an alternative solution to ranking software, be sure to consider WebRank. Visit http://www.webrank.com and sign up for their free trial, and test driverepparttar 128061 service for yourself. You'll love it!

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Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com). She also teaches 3-day hands on search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe with Search Engine Workshops(http://www.searchengineworkshops.com).

It's the Little Things.....

Written by windsong

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Now lets consider some things that can get you banned fromrepparttar search engines, so pay close attention. These could be more important thanrepparttar 128050 things you should do.

* DO NOT use text that isrepparttar 128051 same color asrepparttar 128052 background. Now this can get tricky. Some people have inadvertently broken this rule and don't know why they were banned. Lets say your site has a white background. So obviously you won't use white text. But what if you have a table on a page that has a black background and you use white text in this table? The search engines don't knowrepparttar 128053 table has a different background. They only know thatrepparttar 128054 page background is white, and suddenly here is white text. Oops! So makerepparttar 128055 textrepparttar 128056 palest gray you can. It will still look white torepparttar 128057 viewer, butrepparttar 128058 search engines will know that its a different color fromrepparttar 128059 background.

* DO NOT hide teeny tiny text somewhere on you page. The search engines knowrepparttar 128060 viewer can't see it, and that you are trying to trickrepparttar 128061 search engines.

* DO NOT use keywords in your meta tags that are irrelevant. some people try to use 'the most searched for words' in their meta tags.... such as, sex, MP3, etc. You getrepparttar 128062 picture. Just stick to keywords that are related to your product or service. Remember thatrepparttar 128063 search engines readrepparttar 128064 content ofrepparttar 128065 page, so if you have keywords that do NOT show up inrepparttar 128066 content, you are likely to be ignored byrepparttar 128067 search engines. It doesn't make repparttar 128068 viewers happy either, if they land on an irrelevant site.

* DO NOT use flash movies, frames, java applets, or image maps. You will chokerepparttar 128069 spiders to death. This is just garbage to them. They can't read it and can't index it. You should also limit your use of javascript and cgi scripts. Javascript will push your content farther down onrepparttar 128070 page, andrepparttar 128071 spiders generally look for content nearrepparttar 128072 top ofrepparttar 128073 page.

Sometimes it isrepparttar 128074 little things that will make or break your listing inrepparttar 128075 search engines. Just use common sense. And always rememberrepparttar 128076 number one thing your site must have to get a good listing onrepparttar 128077 search engines: CONTENT! Without this, allrepparttar 128078 optimization inrepparttar 128079 world just won't do you any good.

----------------------------------------------- Copyright 2002, windsong

windsong is a noted webmaster/editor/publisher at Marketing Resources: http://marketing-resources.com

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