A Dog Day Care business can be a lot of fun!

Written by Kelley Blackston

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Here's a dog day care business tip: See how many veterinarians are in your area. Also, be sure to look inrepparttar paper atrepparttar 125750 classifieds section.

Finally, I mentioned obtaining proper legal advice. A local attorney in your area can give you valuable information about starting a dog day care business in your area. You want to make sure you comply with all laws.

A dog day care business can be a lot of fun! Just make sure you enjoy dogs, research your area, and always obtain good legal advice.

Good luck in your dog day care business endeavor!

Kelley Blackston

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How to become Top Dog - A Dog Owner's Guide to Sanity

Written by Tina Spriggs

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Don't allow him to beg for food. Doing this gives himrepparttar impression that it's okay to whine to get what he wants.

It's not.

If and when a dog should bite you, and you have had this dog and don't believe him to be wild or sick, then you have to take action to ensure he knows that it will not be accepted. (If there is any indication of disorientation of your dog at this time, call a vet. Dogs can bite if they are sick, hurt or scared. You should seek professional advice.)

Appropriate action would not be to scold or hitrepparttar 125749 dog but rather to grab his head firmly, not in anger or rage but in calm control, and bite him onrepparttar 125750 ear. Don't try to breakrepparttar 125751 skin or really hurtrepparttar 125752 dog. You are just making a point here that you arerepparttar 125753 leader and he needs to respect you.

It is also highly recommended that you train your dog to walk with you on a leash, at your heel level. This putsrepparttar 125754 dog in an active submissive role on a regular basis and helps you to enforce that you arerepparttar 125755 boss.

I would suggest getting a book or training video to get more details onrepparttar 125756 topic, or research dog forums for advice from other owners who prefer to train themselves and not send their dogs to obedience school.

Remember that if you want to berepparttar 125757 top dog, you have to take control. Leadership is essential in a dog's life. You arerepparttar 125758 one who gets to choose who that leader is.

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