A Discussion about Facilitation Skills

Written by CMOE Development Team

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Even as we started to develop this Facilitation Skills program with CMOE, we struggled. Early on, I remember getting onrepparttar phone with Steve Stowell to just talk out some ofrepparttar 144147 issues because it was so different from anything either of us had seen inrepparttar 144148 consulting industry. Steve and I continued to struggle with how we should put this course together, and what it should look like, because for me, it is really on that soft side. It is not a skill. It’s being able to use your intuition and read a group and readrepparttar 144149 dynamics in a group and know how to react torepparttar 144150 flow of what is going on in a group, and pull people in or help to redirect other people if they are not contributing in a positive manner, again without controllingrepparttar 144151 group.

Q – So is there just not a lot of material out there on Facilitation Skills?

Julia –There is a lot of courses out there on Facilitation, but nothing like what CMOE has created. If you look at what is out there onrepparttar 144152 market they don’t haverepparttar 144153 same focus that CMOE’s course does. A lot of what we were seeing out there underrepparttar 144154 name of Facilitation Skills is really meeting management. There is a big difference. This is really more facilitating group interaction or ‘high performance’ facilitation.

Q – What isrepparttar 144155 target audience for Facilitation Skills?

Julia –The plan was that it would end up being for everybody. The original goal was to first giverepparttar 144156 skills to management, and then give it to all employees. When managers were first going throughrepparttar 144157 course,repparttar 144158 feedback we got was that it would be extremely useful forrepparttar 144159 team members to haverepparttar 144160 same skills. It would make facilitatingrepparttar 144161 group so much easier if everyone understood what was going on in terms of task, climate, and behavior.

Q – Can you see any improvement in your facilitators as a result of being committed torepparttar 144162 Facilitation Skills Workshop?

Julia –Absolutely! The people that were inrepparttar 144163 first class have definitely noticed an improvement in their facilitation skills. We haven’t done any structured observations, but just from our ad hoc types of settings where they are leadingrepparttar 144164 group and I am a part ofrepparttar 144165 group, I have definitely seen an improvement. I think it plays out, not only in terms of a structured meeting, but also in how they go about doing their jobs on a day-to-day basis, becauserepparttar 144166 principles that are taught in Facilitation Skills, as with Coaching, go beyond justrepparttar 144167 structured setting. Yes, I have seen a lot of improvement in those people, and it mainly has to do with their confidence level.

If you would like to learn more about CMOE’s Facilitation Skills workshop titled Leading Groups to Solutions, please contact a CMOE Regional Manager at (801) 569-3444 or visit their website.

Teen Jobsearch & CV Help

Written by Mark Else

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Now you know what skills you have, you can now make a list of what type(s) of jobs you would be willing to do. Here are some examples;

* Working at a fast-food restaurant

* Working as a clerk in a store

* Shelf-filling at a local supermarket

* Paper boy / Paper girl

* Baby-sitting

* Lawn or yard care

* Cleaning

So lets check, we have a list of your skills and now also have a rough idea ofrepparttar kind of job that you want to do.

Lets move on . .

Now we haverepparttar 144146 basic information we need to put this on paper and present it this is often called a "Curriculum Vitae" or CV for short. You have most probably heard about CV's in school, for those of you that hav'nt heres a quick introduction .

Your CV is a very important document; it is quick simply a story of your life tellingrepparttar 144147 employer what kind of education you have had, what work experience you have had (If any), what your skills are, and why you would be suitable forrepparttar 144148 job. Other information that can be found in CV's are your name, address, contact details, etc and quick often a little "about me" section where you can describe you as a person andrepparttar 144149 kind of things you enjoy doing, going out with mates, hobbies etc. - Need help with writing your CV? Fear not heres a web site that was designed for helping teens write CV's.

Want to write your own CV? Great heres a site that can give you some CV writing tips.

So you your CV all nicely printed up what now?

Nowsrepparttar 144150 part where you go from shop to shop handing out your CV, all you simply do is walk inrepparttar 144151 shop and askrepparttar 144152 person working onrepparttar 144153 till if there is any jobs going if there is then great ask them if you can hand in your CV (some jobs might also require you to fill out a job application form), if there is not any jobs going then that is also ok because most shops will allow you to still hand in your CV and if a job ever pops-up they already have your contact details etc to contact you if you are suitable forrepparttar 144154 job.

Handed out all my CV's - Whats Next?

Well nowsrepparttar 144155 wait, if your lucky enough then you will receive a phone call or letter asking for you to come in for an interview,repparttar 144156 interview will be what makesrepparttar 144157 difference between gettingrepparttar 144158 job and not gettingrepparttar 144159 job. (I hope to write an article on interview tips & techniques soon)

The End

Hopefully now you have a nice part-time job and you are now making an income for yourself which means you can now go out with your mates and have some fun without having to ask mum or dad for money.

I am a 18yr youth worker (as of 2005) who not only works with teenagers as a living, but still has a brain of a young teen, so i can use my ups and downs in life to help guide other teens into the right path.

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