A Devastatingly Powerful Way To Steal Hoards Of Traffic From Your Competitors!

Written by Grady Smith

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Here’s what I would do with it:

Create an affiliate program if you don’t already have one. You can use Clickbank if they do your payment processing, or you can userepparttar one I prefer which you’ll find on my website address listed below.

Set up a generous commission for those that refer people to your site. I like to use 40%.

Next, get your sales letter for your product and rework it until you have it converting like crazy. There’s a ton of sites that can help you learn to write better copy, and you’ll find some resources on my website. Or, if you’re notrepparttar 127256 do it yourself type, hire a results only copywriter to craft a hard-selling letter.

Once you have your sales letter pulling profits well, and you have an affiliate program in place, craft one more sales letter. This is one that you’ll send to your competition.

In it, you’ll want to explain how your product matches their sites content. You’ll let them know that you want to make them some money by simply placing a link on their site that points to your product. Explain how much they can make, and tell them how well your sales letter converts. Then give details of how they can sign up and become an affiliate for you.

Now here’s what you do….

Search on your list of keywords and send your sales letter torepparttar 127257 top three under each search. Just make sure to keep a database of whom you’ve sent what to so you don’t bother those not interested.

But on a recent mailing of my own, where I sent sales letters out to my competition and offered to pay them when they funneled traffic to my site, 100% came back with a “yes”.

Andrepparttar 127258 results have been amazing. Plus, considerrepparttar 127259 total amount of time invested was about 8 hours. But now that everything’s in place, I simply let them money roll on. And it will keep continue to stream in for years to come.

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Increase Your Sales By Using Confidence

Written by Grady Smith

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So how do you apply confidence to a sales letter you’re writing? Start by looking at some ofrepparttar marketing pros. Seerepparttar 127255 words and phrases they use to display confidence. If an online marketer is making money with their sales letter then they’re displaying confidence in it.

Check your sales letter. Do you sound confident in it? Arerepparttar 127256 words you’re choosing stating that you’re very sure about what you’re doing? Do you show that you’rerepparttar 127257 authority onrepparttar 127258 subject, and that to pass onrepparttar 127259 offer would be crazy? Of course, you might not say that, but your sales letter should reflect it.

Write your sales letter likerepparttar 127260 product is sold, you’re just explaining what they’re about to get. For instance, use phrases like “You’re about to learn allrepparttar 127261 marketing secrets”, or “You are also going to learn”. Just keep in mind thatrepparttar 127262 customer is already sold.

That’s not to say that you don’t want to write your sales letter inrepparttar 127263 traditional sense of selling a prospect. But you want to sprinkle it with phrases that assume anyone would makerepparttar 127264 purchase after seeingrepparttar 127265 benefits they’ll receive.

Another phrase to use is something like “You can’t afford not to purchase.” It shows confidence thatrepparttar 127266 reader has to makerepparttar 127267 purchase orrepparttar 127268 results could be disastrous.

Remember though, that customers still need to feel in control of their decision. Using phrases like “You are going to buy” sound threatening. By crafting a letter that shows confidence, but doesn’t demandrepparttar 127269 customer to buy, you’ve got a powerful sales tool that will work for you over and over again. It’s a thin line, but with practice you will soon master it.

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