A Cover Letter Tip Guaranteed To Land You More Job Interviews!

Written by Jimmy Sweeney

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Userepparttar P.S. to clearly and directly ASK forrepparttar 134924 job interview providing your contact number as well.

This is a fresh way to appeal to employers and can tiprepparttar 134925 balance in your favor towards landingrepparttar 134926 all-important job interview. The P.S. lets a busy Hiring Manager cut right torepparttar 134927 chase by reading this one special sentence. A job-seeker who uses a P.S. in his or her cover letter is utilizing one ofrepparttar 134928 strongest marketing strategies known to man.

This cover letter tip can berepparttar 134929 difference-maker in your job search. Remember, it all starts with getting your foot inrepparttar 134930 company door and a well crafted P.S. will get noticed and read above all other sentences. So make sure yours packs an interview-landing punch!

P.S. - Your job search is all about results. Try this one cool, cover letter strategy for yourself and see how many job interviews you land!

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jimmy has written several career-related books and his unique articles are always a job-seeker favorite. Who else wants their phone ringing off the hook with more quality job interviews? Visit Jimmy on the web right now at http://www.Amazing-Cover-Letters.com for your 'instant' cover letter today.

Senior Approved Services Announces Hiring of Marketing/Sales Associates

Written by Janet Simms

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According torepparttar web page, describing this offer (http://www.qualityeldercare.com/employ) experience is not as important as your commitment to advocating for all seniors to receive excellent care.

For those of you with experience in marketing and sales withinrepparttar 134865 elder care business, this is a fantastic opportunity to apply your skills with an innovative company. Senior Approved Services isrepparttar 134866 first and only company of its kind, nationwide.

The Certification is dependent onrepparttar 134867 results ofrepparttar 134868 industry’s first consumer-driven survey process. You will meet with business owners that offer products, resources or services torepparttar 134869 elder population and educate these owners of this unique opportunity.

You may speak with alternative health practitioners, home care companies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, handy man services, maids, elder-law attorneys, basically anyone currently servingrepparttar 134870 senior citizen population or perhaps wants to.

Barbara asks that before you apply, please read both web sites first. www.qualityeldercare.com and www.seniorsapprove.com If you believe that you can earnestly representrepparttar 134871 company; you may fax your resume to 216-883-3159 or email it to jobs@qualityeldercare.com


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