A Coke And A Smile: Should You Sell An Image?

Written by Donna Monday

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Have you ever thought of combining a little image branding along with your direct sales approach?

Let’s say you’ve written some great direct marketing sales copy for your “brand X” widget and people are buying it. Then your competitor comes out withrepparttar exact same widget but sells it as “Fancy Brand X”.

Fancy Brand X also uses great copy to make sales, but in addition, it’s being touted as “the brand you can trust.”

After a while, Fancy Brand X begins to sell more and more until they are number one in your category. While your plain jane brand X widget barely gets noticed. What’srepparttar 145346 difference?

Fancy Brand X had an image created for it that was promoted along with every sale. What isrepparttar 145347 public going to remember? Your no-name brand X or “the brand you can trust.”

Creating an image for your product or service and combining it with a powerful direct sales message, may just be a wise investment after all.

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$1,458,92 in 18 days with AdSense?

Written by Codrut Turcanu

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--- What isrepparttar 'SECRET' formula for bringing quality traffic to your Site? ---

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--- How do you go about converting your Site traffic into more Adsense Income? ---

If your Adsense is performing poorly, I have three tips for you:

1. Decreaserepparttar 145171 number of Adsense blocks that you are displaying on a page. I don't know how others have experienced this, but my income seemed to be less if I had more than one block of Adsense ads displayed at once - and your CTR is definitely less if you have more than one ad impression at a time.

2. Change your link colour to blue. While I cannot disclose my CTR I can tell you that this one little change more than doubled my CTR. I know that there are others out there who advocate that your link colour should berepparttar 145172 same asrepparttar 145173 other links on your site, but try it out for yourself for a day or two. I think you will be highly surprised!

3. Setrepparttar 145174 URL colour torepparttar 145175 same colour asrepparttar 145176 ad's text. This makesrepparttar 145177 URL ''melt" in and makesrepparttar 145178 link colour stand out more, definitely making it more "clickable".

--- What final words of wisdom would you like to pass on to everyone who is reading this eBook? ---

To trust your abilities, to trustrepparttar 145179 project, to develop your ideas fully and that inrepparttar 145180 end your efforts will be rewarded.

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