A "Closed Door Event" That Opened The Doors To A Sales Frenzy

Written by Kris Mills

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Runrepparttar event at night after hours and mention that only people with an invitation will be granted entry.

Tell them that they're entitled to a FREE gift simply for coming along. Also mention that they can bring one friend along. Make sure you stipulate that customers must RSVP so that you can reserve their bonus gift for them.

For effect, paste newspapers over your windows so passers by can't see in. Onrepparttar 127288 newspapers writerepparttar 127289 words "Closed Door Event - admission by invitation only". This adds torepparttar 127290 intrigue andrepparttar 127291 prestige ofrepparttar 127292 event.

The reason that this type of event works magically is very simple.

First it helps build customer loyalty by showing your customers that you're thinking of them by giving them a first glimpse of your new range, or first pickings of clearance stock, along with refreshments plus a FREE gift just for turning up.

Second repparttar 127293 fact that you're limiting invitations makes them feel even more special and compels them to attend.

Third Because they've been given a FREE gift they feel compelled to buy.

Fourth Most customers are likely to bring a friend along and when they do, you're instantly building your customer list for future promotional activities plus if their friend buys something, there's a fairly good chance they'll buy too.

Last but not least you are increasing your sale volume without spending a fortune on advertising.

What to offer as a FREE gift?

It doesn't need to be anything expensive ($5 hard cost will do depending onrepparttar 127294 type of business you're in) but it must be something that has a universal appeal and have a perceived value. If you're a fashion retailer, try some sort of fashion accessory or t-shirt. If you're a nursery, offer a plant.

Kris Mills of Words that Sell ( http://www.wordsthatsell.com.au )is a top selling copywriter and respected author of numerous publications. For more copywriting and direct marketing tips, visit http://www.synergie.com.au/explosion.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The 10 Myths of Successful Selling

Written by John Mitchell

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Myth #8 Great products sell themselves

Myth #9 Making a benefit statement isrepparttar best way to open a sales call

Myth #10 All customers make up their minds inrepparttar 127287 first 4 minutes

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John Mitchell is President and CEO of Inclusic, a company providing sales and marketing outsourcing in the UK and USA. He was a top performer in IBM sales for 5 consecutive years; Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 500 company; and CEO of a NASDAQ listed consulting company. John has written for the London Economist and has been guest lecturer at NYU, London Business School and Swiss Banking School.

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