A Clear Direction After Election Day

Written by Angela Winters

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to have a chance in any upcoming elections, they have to expand their base. They can only do that by electing more moderate, likeable candidates. Obama is a good example. Regardless ofrepparttar fact that he was basically runningrepparttar 125941 equivalent of unopposed,repparttar 125942 middle is their only chance. They need a candidate who can appeal torepparttar 125943 base and not just steal Independents, but steal Republicansrepparttar 125944 way Clinton did. They need a candidate that people want as opposed to a candidate that will do as long asrepparttar 125945 other guy doesn't win. If they continue to rely on college kids and African Americans, they are going to stay where they are. The minority party.

So here we are. A President in power withrepparttar 125946 support of a little over halfrepparttar 125947 people, but more than he gotrepparttar 125948 last time. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? Barring something really unusual, Bush is going to win. What do you want him to do differently? What can all politicians do to quell some of this partisan hatred?

Angela Winters is a freelance writer and author of over twelve novels. She writes articles on race, politics and diversity. Located in the Washington DC area, Angela has written for The Laurel Leader, Popandpolitics.com, Watchblog, Centerfield and Politopics among others.

Democrats - Where to now?

Written by Gary R. Hess

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Like me, many will say that Kerry did a good job duringrepparttar debates describing his views, but for some reason or another not everyone watches these. He must get out ontorepparttar 125940 campaign trail and make some one liners which will stick in peoples heads when they go torepparttar 125941 polls on Election Day.

Other arguments are that he did make his voice clear, but just wasn't heard becauserepparttar 125942 media only played his one liners against Bush. If this is so, don't make any one liners against him. Withrepparttar 125943 FCC breathing down network throats, they have to have equal amount of time for each candidate. This means that if there isn't any audio ofrepparttar 125944 Democrat bashingrepparttar 125945 Republican, they have to play onerepparttar 125946 other tape, which say something positive.

I am by no means a political expert, but I do believe whole-heartedly thatrepparttar 125947 Democratic Party will have to go through major changes overrepparttar 125948 next four years to compete withrepparttar 125949 colossal machine we callrepparttar 125950 Republican Party.

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