A Classified way to drive business to your web site

Written by Donald Lee

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Step 4. Exchange banner ads with friends and with other companies that you do business with. Banner ads are those eye-catching designs atrepparttar top and bottom of Web pages. They’re likerepparttar 137297 billboards ofrepparttar 137298 Internet superhighway. But with these online billboards, a simple click transportsrepparttar 137299 Web surfer directly to your Web site.

Step 5. Exchange Web links with friends and business associates. This, Webmasters and site owners, could berepparttar 137300 most important way to drive Web traffic to your site. All ofrepparttar 137301 major search engines rank sites by measuring how many links come to and leave from your Web site.

So links are a way to measure how worthwhile and how legitimate your site is. The better this measurement,repparttar 137302 better chance your site will have to show up well in Web surfers’ searches. In other words, these links could berepparttar 137303 difference between your site being listed on page 20 of a Google search results, or on page 1.

Building better Web links and search engine results—that’s where classified sites come into play. Some ofrepparttar 137304 most savvy classified sites onrepparttar 137305 market now offer Web links in their ads. These links lead right to your business’ home page.

Not only are these links convenient one-click ways for more customers to reach your site. They also boost your search engine rankings.

Of course, for business owners, classified sites have so many other benefits, too.

•Unparalleled exposure. Classified sites are like online malls. Not only will you get exposure from shoppers coming specifically to find your goods. You get “spill over” attention from shoppers who came for another item but then start browsing through all ofrepparttar 137306 other ads inrepparttar 137307 classified “mall.” •A new arsenal of Web sites. Having online classified ads is like setting up multiple new Web sites acrossrepparttar 137308 Internet. Unlike your own original site, these classified ads come with low-cost IT support, security, and advertising. •Incredible growth opportunities. Businesses and individuals selling on online classified sites pull in more than $1.95 billion a year, according torepparttar 137309 statistics firm Kelsey Group. That figure does not even include money from eBay. •Money for nothing. As valuable as classified sites are, many ofrepparttar 137310 best ones charge very little or absolutely nothing to set up your ads.

Add up all of these numbers—250 million active Web surfers inrepparttar 137311 world, $1.95 billion in classified sales, and $0 cost—and your Web business is sure to come out inrepparttar 137312 positive.

Donald Lee is the public relations manager for Buysellcommunity.com. Buysellcommunity provides free classified listing services for individuals and businesses to market their products and services online. For global and localized classifieds, please visit http://www.buysellcommunity.com Free Buy & Sell Classifieds

Where To Look For Dirt-Cheap DVD Software. Part V

Written by David D. Deprice

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* Enables any CSS encrypted DVD to be copied in all DVD copy software * Removes region code (RC) from DVD's * Removes encryption (CSS) from DVD's * Removes region code enhancement (RCE) from DVD's * Removes analog copy protection (Macrovision) from DVD's * Removes user operation prohibitions (UOPs) from DVD's. This feature allows you to change soundtracks onrepparttar fly and hide forced subtitles as you wish * Enablesrepparttar 137287 DVD menu or movie to be played directly without FBI warnings * Prevents auto run of software from DVD's, such as PCFriendly * Works with all DVD drives, including region-protected (RPC2) DVD drives * Works "onrepparttar 137288 fly", without having to save data torepparttar 137289 hard disk * Stable and fast, it does not need any driver * FREE lifetime upgrades * FREE lifetime English support via e-mail, worldwide * "Remove Structure Protection": copy DVD's with Sony ARccOS copy-protection! * "Audio CD Free": play, copy and rip protected Audio CD's!

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