A Checklist for important Business Letters and emails

Written by SB

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=> Have I provided allrepparttar necessary information, facts and figures?

=> Have I made any assumptions? If yes, get them verified.

=> Is there a clear understanding of whatrepparttar 116814 next step is going to be? This is known asrepparttar 116815 HOT POTATO because it will cause some reaction or movement fromrepparttar 116816 reader.

An example of a HOT POTATO - "As soon as we receiverepparttar 116817 documents, we will process your refund." This statement makes it clear thatrepparttar 116818 reader must sendrepparttar 116819 required documents.

=> Have I verified allrepparttar 116820 figures and dates?

=> Have I checked all spellings and punctuations?

Once you have ticks for allrepparttar 116821 questions go ahead and send that letter or email.

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Part 2 of 5 - How "Pipe Dreams" Can Become

Written by Jon Kogan

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Relaxation isrepparttar balance ofrepparttar 116813 mental, spiritual and physical aspects of yourself. Set aside time each day for deep relaxation. Not sleep, but relaxation. The state of deep relaxation is a state of meditation. There are no thoughts in your mind. There are no physical ills or discomforts. You breathe in deeply, allowingrepparttar 116814 lungs to fill with fresh air, and you exhale all used and stale air. The blood circulates amply throughout every part of your body. You drift through space, ever towards your true destiny.

Exercise or sports is a good way to get into relaxation. The body needs physical stimulation to pump blood into all its extremities and to giverepparttar 116815 heart a good workout. Exercise is a wonderful way to letrepparttar 116816 mind relax, as you place your thoughts onrepparttar 116817 way your body moves. For many people, sports and exercise are enjoyable ways to feel alive, youthful, and fulfilled.

Then take time to relax. Lie down on your back with your arms out, palms up. Your feet should be about two feet about. You might clench your muscles first, then relax them. Allow your thoughts to drift, but don't get caught in them. Watch them go by, as if they belong to somebody else.

If you have a special problem, tuck that inrepparttar 116818 back of your mind - don't dwell on it up front. Let yourself and your emotions go. Breathe outrepparttar 116819 negative feelings and emotions; breathe in positive, life-giving air. Float freely. Relax. ASSUME THE BEST. Expect to achieve; expect to accomplish your desires; expect to win. Accept less, but push on to attain more. The higher your goals,repparttar 116820 further you'll go.

The moon is no problem, nor arerepparttar 116821 neighboring planets. Soon human beings will see close-ups of other star and galaxies. Don't go for less that your full potential. Shoot forrepparttar 116822 universe. You owe yourself nothing less.

And aside fromrepparttar 116823 universe, keep yourself on Earth, in your office or studio, working closer to those goals you want to attain.

You have a right to be happy. You haverepparttar 116824 means to be successful. You can succeed in what you desire.

Always keep in mindrepparttar 116825 fact that you are in transit, attaining your goals, moving through life as though you are an actor, andrepparttar 116826 setting is a stage.

Keep your thoughts firmly planted on prosperity, good fortune and lucky breaks. Assume that you will, in fact, nearly have accomplished your goals. It is with that attitude that successful people achieve.

Part 2 of 5 - How "Pipe Dreams" Can Become Realities!

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