A Chat with Saddam

Written by Ed Howes

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Ed: Did you ever getrepparttar nukes you wanted?

Saddam: Notrepparttar 126009 ones I originally wanted for my missiles. But I have bought quite a few neat little portable models. Osama split an order with me.

Ed: You've been talking with Osama? I thought you were enemies.

Saddam: Like I was saying, Operation Iraqi Freedom changed a lot of things. We will probably never sit and drink tea together, but our conversation has been cordial and productive. He doesn't need halfrepparttar 126010 funding thatrepparttar 126011 frozen assets represent, but I told him I'm ready to contribute anything he doesn't want traced. Did I tell you I am rich?

Ed: I believe you did. What does Osama think of your disguise?

Saddam: He thought it was clever. He asked if I'd send him my surgeon.

Ed: Did you?

Saddam: Yes. They met at a Swiss hospital a couple months ago. I asked him to send me a picture. He hasn't sent one.

Ed: So how come you didn't leave Iraq when President Bush said you could have safe passage out?

Saddam: He would have tried to kill me. And I'm not used to being told what to do. You understand. I thought it would be much safer if I waited a while and I thought it would be good to be seen by friends in Iraq. If I had left whenrepparttar 126012 President suggested, it would have looked like I was a coward, a scared rabbit. Why would I want to do that? Friends needed my moral support and I wanted to give it - can't just run out on my friends. Would President Bush do that?

Ed: Not on his special friends anyway. So what is Osama doing for you?

Saddam: You have heard that there are now members of Al Qaeda fighting in Iraq? They bombedrepparttar 126013 U.N. headquarters last month. I heard they are moving in a few thousand each month. They are well trained so they don't need a lot of them to getrepparttar 126014 work done. They could hardly wait to get to Iraq. My friends are in touch with them and they will be attacking with increasing frequency. The non Iraqi civilian workers will have to leave, overrepparttar 126015 next few months, for lack of security. There won't be any Iraqi police in a few months either.

Ed: I got a hunch just followingrepparttar 126016 daily news that could berepparttar 126017 case.

Saddam: Ed, my dinner is onrepparttar 126018 table, so I'll call you back in a few weeks. We'll discussrepparttar 126019 news.

Ed: Thanks for calling, Saddam. I look forward to hearing from you again.

A freelance writer published on many websites and in newspapers. edhowes@hotmail.com justanotherview.com

Chasing Shadows! A Dream

Written by Arthur Zulu

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"These arerepparttar very things that cause hatred, oppression, frustration, injustice, mistrust, fear, and enmity, which make Inferno, our son, to terrorize you. But removerepparttar 126008 causes of all these cankerworms, and you will see that we will not exist anymore, and Inferno will not attack your lands. Thenrepparttar 126009 world will be like The Golden City. It is only then that you will have Love, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Dignity, and Trust.

"That was whatrepparttar 126010 winged-man in white meant when he said to destroy us. The man speaks in parables. Now, you are chasing shadows—fightingrepparttar 126011 effect instead ofrepparttar 126012 cause,repparttar 126013 symptom and notrepparttar 126014 disease. Since you did not understand, or refused to understandrepparttar 126015 meaning ofrepparttar 126016 message, and come shooting and bombing at us—the wrong targets—instead of solvingrepparttar 126017 world's problems, we are going to give you double trouble."

Going on, Hatred tellsrepparttar 126018 kings of Orient and Occident to prepare forrepparttar 126019 last war. Because they have caused more problems than solutions for themselves with their weapons. Because war is notrepparttar 126020 road map for peace. And because man himself isrepparttar 126021 problem, and notrepparttar 126022 solution.

Thenrepparttar 126023 bombshell! He says thatrepparttar 126024 kings should gather all their cinema, film, and moviemakers, and ask them to suggest apocalyptic scenarios. Forrepparttar 126025 world is going to end withrepparttar 126026 worst case ever imagined. The world, he says, is now a more dangerous place than it was before Operation Hell Fire andrepparttar 126027 search for weapons of mass destruction. Finally, Hatred,repparttar 126028 leader ofrepparttar 126029 seven devils, says thatrepparttar 126030 belligerent kings, Sunrise and Sunset, have sown wind inrepparttar 126031 country ofrepparttar 126032 Devil, and must therefore reaprepparttar 126033 Devil's whirlwind. After saying this, he disappears withrepparttar 126034 other deadly spirits, laughing. . . .

Arthur Zulu is the author of the controversial book CHASING SHADOWS! (A book that reveals the terrorists' master plan to finally set the world on fire!) For a copy of the book and FREE excerpt, goto: http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/21013 For contacts, mailto: controversialwriter@yahoo.com

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