A Celebration of Life

Written by Diana Kennedy, LMT

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Popular author Caroline Myss said, “We evolve at a rate consistent withrepparttar groups we are plugged into energetically.” In order for us to create positive change in a faster more efficient way, we tap intorepparttar 143207 energy of a group. That is one reason why internet communities are really taking off. People want to feel a part of something, and if that group also supports their well-being and mission in life then it’s a win-win for all!

Do you need support in discovering your purpose and encouragement to allow yourself to live a life of passion? What groups are you plugged into that support you? Are you a member of a supportive organization or a mastermind group? In what ways can you reach out to others to support them and allow them to take you higher?

Life a life of celebration! Set your intention now to live more purposefully and passionately. Look around and see what this friendly Universe has in store for you.

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Do Unto Others Marketing

Written by Diana Kennedy

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What would a more conscious "Do Unto Others" marketing approach be to selling products and services? How would spiritual values be outpictured in business?

The spiritual entrepreneur utilizes intuitive marketing. In other words,repparttar business owner operating from his or her spiritual nature is able to listen torepparttar 143206 still small voice of spirit for guidance on what products or services to develop and sell, who to market to, and how to best serve their clients and employees.

By putting into practicerepparttar 143207 methodology of Do Unto Others Marketing, doors began to open for me that I didn’t know existed. Once I got clear on what I have to offer, aligned with my inner values, and followed Universal Laws, things just seemed to “fall into place”.

One technique I teach in my Do Unto Others Marketing Email Class is getting in touch withrepparttar 143208 essence of your goals. In other words, ask yourself what isrepparttar 143209 feeling I am truly going for? This helps you gain clarity about your deepest, most spiritual desires. Then, people, resources and events come together. You will find more and more that you just happen to be atrepparttar 143210 right place atrepparttar 143211 right time. Other techniques are used to attractrepparttar 143212 right and perfect customers, using Universal Laws.

Some things to consider… Is what you are offering in total alignment with who you are? Are you “in business” forrepparttar 143213 right reasons. Do all your products and services line up with your values? How do you market your products and services?

Usingrepparttar 143214 Law of Attraction in all areas of my life, I’ve learned that our thoughts and intentions are made up of energy, or vibrations that go out intorepparttar 143215 world and attract back to us, that which is similar. Through our energy and use of words we setrepparttar 143216 tone for our customers, not one of desperation but of enthusiasm to buy and use our products and services now. We can use timelines, special prices, incentives to purchase, and not manipulate with hype. Through usingrepparttar 143217 techniques ofrepparttar 143218 Law of Attraction we are able to draw to us our ideal client.

Being in conscious enterprise we assume our current and potential customers are intelligent, loving beings much like ourselves who want to grow and makerepparttar 143219 world a better place. Encouraging our customers to follow their inner guidance when making a purchase honors them and builds a relationship based on respect. This is what creates relationships and servesrepparttar 143220 customer, isn’t that what being in business is all about?

Diana Kennedy is committed to assisting others in transforming their lives from the inside out! Diana is the Ministerial Assistant at Unity of Tallahassee. Learn how to use the Law of Attraction to build your business using Do Unto Others Marketing Methodology. Diana also offers a TeleClass, Leading Wildly Successful TeleClasses, for only $33. Subscribe to the free Ezine Living from Spirit ~ A Breath of Inspiration at http://www.DianaKennedy.com.

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