A Brief Time Out

Written by Gregory J. Ballan

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The guy looking in on you, like a wild animal inrepparttar jungle or onrepparttar 150716 open plain, is struggling day to day to survive and feed his family and /or just himself. There are countless frustrating occurrences and unforeseen events at every turn. Each day could be a nightmare of misfortunes, simply mundane or altogether orgasmic in nature. The man outsiderepparttar 150717 cage has no real control over life; heís simply one piece, a pawn, on a gigantic chessboard. He has no guarantee of security or stability as he makes his way through each and every day. In his world there is no real security or safety. But, his world is open to travel, and motion. He can move from place to place to seek out new opportunity,repparttar 150718 bars that hold him are metaphoric in nature not solid in composition. Every day is a lesson in survival and some days are better than others. There are many that donít make it and, like a captured chess piece, are taken out ofrepparttar 150719 game. Those arerepparttar 150720 stakes, life and death,repparttar 150721 struggle to survive.

Which is better,repparttar 150722 gilded cage orrepparttar 150723 dangerous freedom? That is a question best answered by each individual.

For me, I only want a brief time out fromrepparttar 150724 struggle, just a few days to relax and get my wits back. There are times whenrepparttar 150725 view fromrepparttar 150726 inside ofrepparttar 150727 cage is appealing, butrepparttar 150728 loss of motion, my freedom, is too great a price forrepparttar 150729 security. But thatís just me, one individual.


Science Fiction writer, blogger and wannabe columnist. http://www.xanga.com/Esper_Warrior is the quick link to read some more detailed rants and raves. I am the average middle class working guy just trying to make ends meet like everyone else. I hope you gain something from reading my words. Thanks for taking the time to read what I've written, I hope you found it worth your while

Gifts Unusual LLC To Launch New Product Line

Written by Herman Sequira

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Initiallyrepparttar wood carvings will be available as tart burners and candle holders, and it is expected that eventually other hand carved wooden items will be added torepparttar 150250 range of products.

The new line of products will be available in an enamel paint finish as well as polished natural wood.

It is expected that these products will start to become available towardrepparttar 150251 end of 2005.


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