A Brief History of Louis Vuitton and 3 New Louis Vuitton handbags

Written by Tom Jones

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Ségur shoulder bag A truly modern city bag, with its smoothly rounded corners,repparttar Ségur is a model of understated elegance. The A4 format, ideal for files or magazines, makes it perfect for business use.

- Adjustable straps - Back pocket - Phone pocket - Silver metallic pieces

Ségur pouch From professional to festive,repparttar 150901 Ségur pouch adapts to an active lifestyle with polish. Whether worn aroundrepparttar 150902 shoulder for day or as an elegant evening clutch, this versatile bag is always charming.

- Inside pocket - Removable strap - Silver metallic pieces

To keep up to date aboutrepparttar 150903 latest Louis Vuitton handbags, purses, wallets, fine leather goods and accessories. Visit Louis Vuitton Mall so that we can assist you in findingrepparttar 150904 best bags for your every need.

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How to Choose a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Written by Jeff Lakie

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When it comes to actually trying on a pair of shoes, there are some general rules that you should try to follow. If you can, tryrepparttar shoes on late inrepparttar 150866 day, as your feet tend to swell slightly asrepparttar 150867 day progresses. If you plan on wearing socks withrepparttar 150868 shoes, remember to bring a pair with you torepparttar 150869 store, so that you can try onrepparttar 150870 shoes with them to give you an idea of how comfortable they will be.

Finding a comfortable pair of shoes should not be a challenge, especially if you know what to look for when buying them.

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