A Book Review: Great Resource for Group Facilitation

Written by CMOE Development Team

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With 55 combined years of experience, in research and client work, we’ve observed group facilitation and behaviors in many situations and have learned a few things about what makes an effective team. We also put our own facilitation skills and process torepparttar test as we discussed, debated, and arguedrepparttar 141052 merits of various approaches and theories. Evenrepparttar 141053 writing and editing ofrepparttar 141054 book required that we “walk our own talk” as we resolved differences, defined priorities, and created a coherent message.

We believe thatrepparttar 141055 principles and suggestions in this book will help everyone who spends time in teams. Whether leading, participating as a team member, or both, you will find that this book provides a practical framework for facilitating effective teams.

“A solution isrepparttar 141056 result of many ideas coming together.”

To order the book “Leading Groups to Solutions” or learn more about group facilitation and other CMOE programs, visit their website or phone one of their Regional Managers at (801)569-3444.

Rewriting Your Resume? 7 Easy Ways To Give Yourself An Upgrade

Written by Nigel Patterson

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3. Makerepparttar resume easy to read

Don't print your resume in any font size smaller than 11 pt. Be liberal with white space and remember that bullet points in a list help a reader to absorb information.

You can emphasize headers and key points by discreet use of bold type, capitals or underlining -- but don't overdorepparttar 140920 effect.

Consider going on to a second sheet if a single page is crammed.

4. Seizerepparttar 140921 reader's interest inrepparttar 140922 first few lines

If your application is one of dozens or even hundreds received, you need to capturerepparttar 140923 attention ofrepparttar 140924 reader in just a few seconds. The best way to focus interest atrepparttar 140925 start is with a powerful objective -- or, if you prefer it, a skills summary. It'srepparttar 140926 place to emphasize your key achievements and core expertise and identify specific job goals.

The employer wants a straight answer torepparttar 140927 question 'What can this person do for me?' -- so make your profile easy to read and give a clear statement of what you can bring torepparttar 140928 job.

5. Don't underplay your achievements and experience

You've already imagined whatrepparttar 140929 perfect candidate forrepparttar 140930 job would be like. So now focus on those aspects of your own background and skill set that best illustrate those attributes.

Highlight your key accomplishments and areas of authority and, wherever possible, use action verbs and statements that quantify what you have achieved. But don't get creative here: make sure you give evidence for your claims.

6. Order your information according to whatrepparttar 140931 reader wants to know

There's no single correct order of elements in a resume. Everything depends on whatrepparttar 140932 employer or recruiter is most interested in finding out.

In general, put your most relevant material first! Many recruiters like a reverse chronological order of dates.

Also be aware that some employers dislike a purely functional resume format and feel that it glosses over gaps in work history or other shortcomings.

7. Check your spelling and grammar

There's no substitute for careful proofreading of your resume. Use grammar and spell checking software by all means, but be aware that it may not always pick up contextual errors.

Printrepparttar 140933 document and check it on paper rather than on screen. If possible, ask a reliable friend or relative to double check for mistakes. Don't forget to check that you have spelled names correctly.

Conclusion: keep developing your resume

Your resume is a powerful marketing tool. It will always be a 'work in progress', constantly needing updates and refinements according to changing circumstances. If you're planning or conducting a job search, redrafting your resume could be one ofrepparttar 140934 best investments you make towards your future career success.

Nigel Patterson is a business writer and publisher of http://1st-class-resume.com/.

Visit his website for more tips and advice on writing an effective resume and cover letter, resume distribution and preparing for a job interview.

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