A Book Can Make You a Bundle!

Written by Kathy Burns

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The next thing you must consider, is what format you would like to offer your EBook in. As with anything web based,repparttar more audiences you can reachrepparttar 108528 better, so keep this in mind when creating your EBook. If you are able to offer it in multiple formats then by all means do so! Most EBooks are offered in Windows file format. Some are usable on Macintosh and some are made forrepparttar 108529 Palm Pilot handheld computer.

With each of these mediums, there also comes a wide range of software options. The most widely used of course is simple HTML. When using HTML for an EBook, you must still keep things such as screen resolution and browser version in mind. Some people prefer to use Adobe PDF files for their EBook distribution, however be aware that this file format is very difficult to read for long periods of time on a computer screen. PDF files are most appropriate for EBooks that you intend to haverepparttar 108530 reader actually print out and read on paper.

Palm Pilot Handheld computers also have a variety of software to choose from when it comes to reading an EBook. The good news however is that almost all ofrepparttar 108531 software for that platform can read an EBook regardless ofrepparttar 108532 software program it was created for. This makesrepparttar 108533 Palm Pilot EBooks much more versatile in addition to being portable.

Once your EBook is ready for distribution, then you must market it. Marketing an EBook online is similiar to marketing anything else. Put it up for download if it is free, give it away to your survey respondants or as a contest prize. Send it to your newsletter subscribers or post it in free EBook directories.

Continue creating EBooks! Once you have created your first EBook, be sure to create additional ones as you haverepparttar 108534 time. EBooks are getting very popular and should providerepparttar 108535 perfect additional boost to your current online marketing efforts.

Additional Resources:

EBook Libraries http://carver.bizland.com/submit.htm http://www.the-ebook-directory.com

Professional EBook Creation Software: http://www.webcompiler.com/product.html http://www.html2exe.com/

Kathy Burns http://www.sasezpublications.com http://www.palmpilotfiles.com Freeware, Shareware, News and more for the Palm Pilot!

5 Steps in Publishing and Selling Your First E-book

Written by Wayne Perkins

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4. Followrepparttar directions on listing your e-book, includingrepparttar 108527 description, sample chapter and then up-load your e-book to Infopost.com

5. Copy and pasterepparttar 108528 URL of your e-book to your e-mail signature and registerrepparttar 108529 URL with all ofrepparttar 108530 major search engines and directories. http://www.searchenginewatch.com http://www.jimtools.com http://www.urlsubmitter.com

Now you are a full-fledged e-book author. You will be selling your e-books within a few minutes of completingrepparttar 108531 process. I wish you success!

Wayne Perkins


E-book sellers to sign up with if you have no website.

http://www.booklocker.com http://www.booksurge.com http://www.infopost.com http://www.wayneperkins.net/ebooks/excerpte.html

Free teleseminars on how to write your first e-book are at: http://www.wayneperkins.net/ebooks/write.html

Wayne Perkins is the best selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books" and has published 3 print books and 11 e-books. Wayne also delivers free teleseminars in how to write and sell your first e-book. http://www.wayneperkins.net/ebooks/write.html mailto:wayne@wayneperkins.net

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