A Beer

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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My name is Robert, ‘Bob’ I’m called By much of life I have been mauled Still I’m here and ‘Still’ is good I wish all of us really could Quiet our needs and vain pursuits of ego Understand more and relish what we know Hey come over, I am right here Maybe we can share a beer!

Author of many books Columnist for The ES Press Magazine Guest 'expert' at World-Mysteries.com

Classic Fragfest: Quake III Arena

Written by Austin Culley

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The engine this game runs on is good enough to enable a relatively intense dispersal of body parts fromrepparttar shot gun blast you administor to your victim, and yes, produces blood splatter on walls and screams of agony. A midrange system can handle all thatrepparttar 150556 game offers.

The extra staying power ofrepparttar 150557 game revolves aroundrepparttar 150558 creation of new maps and bot models by gamers themselves; which can be found for download at places like LvLWorld and Polycount. Thousands of maps and hundreds of bots can bring a whole new dimension torepparttar 150559 game, andrepparttar 150560 creations continue to this day. Take on Homer Simpson, Darth Vader, orrepparttar 150561 creature from Aliens in maps ranging from being inside a computer tower , where you are about two inches tall; to rampaging through a city, where you can leap fromrepparttar 150562 top of each building in a single bouncepad ... allrepparttar 150563 while trying to evade a plasma gun, rocket launcher, or flamethrower.

Austin Culley is an avid gamer whose wife continues in her effort to take his Quake 3 Arena Title away from him at least once a week. He can be reached at http://www.oil-net.com

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