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They should be STABLE. Be cautious If they have been in business for less than three years. And be VERY cautious if they are a pre launch.

AS AN ADDED BONUS.... wouldn't it be great to extend all these discounts and offers outsiderepparttar online mall? Yes, such a possibility does exist! By being a member of such an online mall, you should be able to enjoy vacations and wonderful discounts for products that are on AND offrepparttar 119097 Internet!


Last but not least, they should offer yourepparttar 119098 chance to SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS to your friends if you so desire. If they offer it and you want it they should make entry easy for you and support you with an experienced team every step ofrepparttar 119099 way. Far too many opportunities only want to help you AFTER you have done allrepparttar 119100 work.

Remember, technology is supposed to make life easier. Reject any shopping club that is simply a computerized version of your local paper. Find one that is free to you and offers you serious discounts on a wide variety of brand named products run by a stable company with an easy to use site. When you do, you will have found a winner and will laugh allrepparttar 119101 way torepparttar 119102 bank.

Picking a great online shopping club (with lots of off-line benefits, too) allows you to save mounds of cash, pick up great quality items at bulk volume pricing, and easily congregate with your friends to save even more. Followingrepparttar 119103 above checklist will allow you to shop even smarter.

Oh, and it wouldn't hurt if they gave you a cherry on top!

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Making Sense of the Internet Job Search... Fine-tune your job search and save valuable time!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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--- The Search Methods ---

One definite way to reducerepparttar amount of time you spend searching is to visit "meta-search engines." A meta-search engine is one that provides a front-end to search several other search engines. In other words, when you type in a keyword,repparttar 119096 engine searches other sites in parallel and returnsrepparttar 119097 results to you. Some ofrepparttar 119098 more relevant keywords I've successfully used with meta-search engines include: freelance, telecommute, telecommuting, telecommuter, , work at home, work from home, telework, off-site, offsite. The keyword includes any keyword that would apply to your field or any field of your choice.

Some ofrepparttar 119099 more popular meta-search engines are as follows:

* JobSleuth - http://www.jobsleuth.com * Job Search Engine - http://www.jobsearchengine.com/ * Wanted Jobs - http://www.wantedjobs.com/ * JobVertise - http://www.jobvertise.com

These meta-search sites reducerepparttar 119100 number of different sites you'll have to visit by bringingrepparttar 119101 results back to you. Note that JobVertise is not an actual meta-search engine, but it is updated from several different locations periodically.

Another group of time-wasters are "centralized databases." A lot of sites like JobVertise and Wanted Jobs allow smaller job sites to provide a search mechanism into their databases. What this means is that you could hit 20 sites and perform a job search, when in fact, 12 of them are usingrepparttar 119102 same source database!

--- Using a Tool ---

I use two great tools for searching and managing information onrepparttar 119103 Web ... especially for job searches. One is a search tool called Copernic (http://www.copernic.com) andrepparttar 119104 other is an organizational tool called Correlate (http://www.correlate.com).

Copernic is a meta-search engine application that runs on your local computer. It allows you to select a category and perform a search on numerous search engines simultaneously. The results are placed in an ordered list of items so that you can select which site to access with a simple double-click. For job searching, this tool is invaluable! When you search inrepparttar 119105 "Job" category, duplicate job postings are grouped together inrepparttar 119106 results list eliminatingrepparttar 119107 need to manually filterrepparttar 119108 results.

As for Correlate, it allows you to organize information in a tree structure. You can group items by category and add links to perform organized searches. I use this tool for articles, books, promotions, and job searches on a regular basis. When you find a job that interests you in Copernic, you can drag-n-drop that posting into Correlate!

--- The Presentation ---

Once you locate a matching job opportunity, send them a cover letter and your resume. The cover letter should identifyrepparttar 119109 job you're e-mailing about as well as your qualifications to performrepparttar 119110 job. Also, provide contact information so they can reach you for an interview.

Using Correlate, or some other utility, keep track ofrepparttar 119111 jobs you apply for and which ones reply. This way you don't apply forrepparttar 119112 same job a hundred times and you know with whom you are speaking when they contact you.

--- What's next? ---

Once you find your dream job andrepparttar 119113 employer responds, don't panic! Converse with them, whether it be overrepparttar 119114 phone or via e-mail, and negotiate for your position. If you land your first interview, you should be proud. It usually takes a few tries to get it right. Don't feel disappointed if it takes some time to get it right!

One thing to be aware of is that, if a recruiter contacts you, it's probably not a telecommuting position. Most recruiters only work with in-house hires and will usually not contact you again once you claim that you're a telecommuter.

Once you do land a job, now comesrepparttar 119115 hard part ... staying disciplined! That's a different story, but one that's very easy to master.

Good luck!

Edward B. Toupin is a freelance consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas with his singer/actress wife. He currently handles technical writing tasks for various companies in New York, Chicago, and Denver as well as imagineers and markets feature-length screenplays.

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