ASP.Net Applications - ASP.Net Now 2005

Written by Pete Lafond

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Applications developed using ASPNetNow are efficient and use stored procedures to ensure optimal performances. ASPNetNow uses your defined queries to join related information. ASPNetNow also works with MSDE providing you with allrepparttar tools you will need to define your databases quickly with evenrepparttar 102803 most complex structures. ASPNetNow is very affordably priced at a list price of $995 complete. To compare this product to other generators priced at $1500US and higher would be unreasonable as these products fall short of ASPNetNow’s feature set and capability.

EagleCentric CIO. Solution provider for over 20 years. Developed three distinct companies servicing companies world wide including wireless ans web applications servicing 20,000 + field employees.


Written by Bobbi Katz

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Featuring: AUDREY ROBERTS, executive producer ofrepparttar 2005 ARTV AWARDS to be televised from LAS VEGAS!

editorial writer for NEVADA WOMAN MAGAZINE.

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