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When atrepparttar vendor's place, look for:

* Capacity: (workstations and people); * Supervisory arrangements: (floor managers, project leaders, group heads); * Security: (controlled physical access and password-protected network resources).

Most importantly, meetrepparttar 147269 person who will be in charge ofrepparttar 147270 project you are thinking of givingrepparttar 147271 vendor. Is s/he articulate? Tech-savvy? Quality conscious? Deadline oriented? Easy to get along with? Is there a second line to take over if s/he is away?

You must of course also hand over a copy of your RFP and discuss each point in fine detail.

Bear in mind that most often, Indians are formal to begin with. If you inviterepparttar 147272 key people to a meal, they will be very happy to relate to you on a personal level... this is better for all parties concerned.

Conclude each visit by asking for your quotation within a specified timeframe; encouragerepparttar 147273 vendor to email you freely regarding any questions s/he may have.

Atrepparttar 147274 end of a visit, ask yourself if you have a good feeling aboutrepparttar 147275 interaction. Ifrepparttar 147276 answer is an overwhelming “NO!”, you had better strikerepparttar 147277 vendor offrepparttar 147278 hopefuls list. For any other answer, keep them inrepparttar 147279 running.

Follow these steps for allrepparttar 147280 hopefuls, and do extensive Internet research onrepparttar 147281 final candidates fromrepparttar 147282 broadband connection in your hotel room.

Great,repparttar 147283 business part of your trip is over, it’s time for recreation!

There are many unusual things to see in any Indian city, and you’d best ask your mentor what these are. There’s no point seeing typical big-city sights… look forrepparttar 147284 ancient orrepparttar 147285 ethnic (Akbar’s tomb, Kerala waterways orrepparttar 147286 Hindu temple at Madurai, for instance).

Be careful when deciding what to eat or drink. Only eat in restaurants that are clean by your country's standards; stick to bottled water from reputed companies like Kinley or Aqua Fina. And no matter how badly you may be tempted, do not eat from those small roadside carts and kiosks!

If you want to buy souvenirs to take home, ask your mentor where to shop, else you may very well end up paying twice what you should. Buy things that are not easy to come by in your home country: fine silks, carpets, and most importantly, Indian jewelry, of which only meagre selections are available outsiderepparttar 147287 subcontinent.

So now, replete with silk, gold and an outsourcing vendor shortlist, you're atrepparttar 147288 end of a memorable journey. Get on a plane, pushrepparttar 147289 seat back and wonder how it all went by so fast.

Dream about how much you’re going to save in costs,repparttar 147290 quality improvements you will see, what a good thing you’ve done for your company, and how glad you were that you planned your trip carefully.

You now have valuable knowledge and experience about travelling to India, and might very well soon be recognized as an expert inrepparttar 147291 subject. Fare thee well, bold traveller, and fearlessly guide all those who may follow in your footsteps…

Lucky Balaraman runs The Magnum Group, which provides architectural and engineering drafting services to the global marketplace. Learn more about The Magnum Group at:

An Outsourcer’s Passage To India: How To Do It, Part I

Written by Lucky Balaraman

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Fromrepparttar first 75 results, sift outrepparttar 147268 ones that are not relevant and email 50 ofrepparttar 147269 remaining companies with a three-line description of your requirements. Most importantly, include an idea ofrepparttar 147270 volume of work you plan to send out.

(I mention volume, because just like in any other economy, there are service providers of varying size in India. The large ones look for large customers,repparttar 147271 mid-size for mid-size and so on. Rest assured that there will be several providers who want to deal with customersrepparttar 147272 same size as you.)

Whenrepparttar 147273 replies come in, eliminate prospective vendors who:

* Did not reply in 24 hours * Did not communicate well in English * Did not answer torepparttar 147274 point

Now askrepparttar 147275 survivorsrepparttar 147276 following:

* How many full-time employees do they have? * What quality control measures do they have in place? * Do they have any certifications? * Which application platforms do they use? * Could they describerepparttar 147277 largest project they have done?

Some ofrepparttar 147278 addressees won't reply... good, more filtered out. Torepparttar 147279 rest, applyrepparttar 147280 same criteria as you did forrepparttar 147281 first round of replies... there go additional ones outrepparttar 147282 window!

Make firm appointments by emailing allrepparttar 147283 remaining providers and schedule your trip accordingly. This is quite easily achieved, seeing thatrepparttar 147284 major cities in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad) have international airports and major hotel chains operating in them.

Right, you’re all set… byrepparttar 147285 way, it always helps to know someone in India well enough to ask for friendly advice before you leave and when you’re there… it shouldn’t be too difficult to network and find such an individual.

Now pack your bags, skedaddle over torepparttar 147286 airport and do that international airline thang…

But before that, be sure to read Part II of this article, which you will most likely find inrepparttar 147287 same place as this part.

Meet you again in Part II, which should be available fromrepparttar 147288 same place you got this part!

Lucky Balaraman runs The Magnum Group, which provides architectural and engineering drafting services to the global marketplace. Learn more about The Magnum Group at:

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