ANTI-SPAM, SCAM and SPAM, What do they have in common?

Written by Mike Smith

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The nightmare didn't stop here. But I won't go intorepparttar rest ofrepparttar 132044 details here. Let me say this, I have uncovered many bad things about SPAM BLOCKERS overrepparttar 132045 last several months and found out things that will curl your hair even if you are bald. The result is that I will be writing a new E-Book exposing allrepparttar 132046 garbage and damage these programs can do to your e-mail and E-Business. The E-Book will be out within 3 weeks, it will be $3.00 to coverrepparttar 132047 additional costs we will have in production and bandwidth. It is a must read for anyone with a Puter. Yup I have about 30% of it done already so we can get it out.

You will want a copy and this is important enough that you should share it with everyone you know (unless you have someone you want to get even with. Then recommend an ANTI- SPAM program and screw them good). We are going to make it re-brandable so you can sponsor it and get it out to your visitors and customers. It is time to stop this Internet Dictatorship. With your help, we can get this out where folks can see what is happening to them.

Please do a couple of things for us.

1. Forward this Ezine to your friends, family and subscribers if you have an Ezine.

2. Give us your feedback atrepparttar 132048 new Puter Tutor Message Board.

3. If you have a story that will fit this please send it to me so it can be considered for addition torepparttar 132049 E-Book. Don't procrastinate. We want this E-Book out ASAP (deadline 3 weeks) Include your signature for publication. 4. Don't install any ANTI-SPAM software on your Puter until you have readrepparttar 132050 E-Book. Then you won't want to. If you have any, get rid of it. If you want to eliminate senders just userepparttar 132051 Block Sender in your e-mail program or use filters. We will show you how inrepparttar 132052 E-Book.

Happy Putering, Mike and Gail

Mike Smith, owner of CM/YMTC, and author of the Free "Easy Guide Series, has extensive experience with computers and the Internet, and is always willing to answer any questions about computers, software or anything related to E-Business. His latest venture offers beginners a 4-page customizeable Website for a remarkably small investment.

Setting Up Your AntiVirus Software

Written by Richard Lowe

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But wait, if you have your antivirus program running won't it catch and stop any viruses that you happen to open? Yes it will, but you could still copy it to someone else, or another person could grab it overrepparttar network (if you are in a company, for example). Or perhaps for some reason you turn off your antivirus program, then you could accidentally open it up and destroy your system.

Scanning for viruses in scripts on web pages

Believe it or not, you can catch a virus from a web page. All you have to do is viewrepparttar 132041 page and bang, you are infected. There are not many of these yet, but you can bet there will be inrepparttar 132042 near future. These are particularly nasty because, well, you don't have a choice about executingrepparttar 132043 virus.

These are not likerepparttar 132044 email viruses, which require you to actually open an attachment. They are not like other viruses, which require you to execute a file. These simply require you to view them. Pretty scary, if you ask me.

Thus, as you can see, it's very important to keep this feature enabled at all times. That way you will catch and destroy these things before you get hurt.

Regular updates

Be sure to subscribe to and userepparttar 132045 regular virus updates. You see, new viruses are found all ofrepparttar 132046 time, and if you don't update your definitions you will be vulnerable. In fact, after a few months of no updates your antivirus software becomes virtually worthless.


The features of your antivirus software are put there for a reason. My advice is to enable everything. Turn it all on. These days you cannot be too careful - or, if you prefer, you can disable something and perhaps lose your data. It's your choice.

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