Written by Noel Peebles

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customer decides what's reasonable based on perceived value for money, not price. It's creating this perception of value that tellsrepparttar customer - repparttar 131878 price is right.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 7. Price Perception (c) “It’s whatrepparttar 131879 customers thinks about your price that matters. Ifrepparttar 131880 customer thinksrepparttar 131881 price is too high in relation torepparttar 131882 value delivered, then they won't buy. If they thinkrepparttar 131883 price is too low, then they may be suspicious ofrepparttar 131884 quality in relation torepparttar 131885 price. The price must feel right.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 8. Entrepreneur “Working for someone else is nothing like being an entrepreneur and repparttar 131886 boss of your own business. To become an entrepreneur requires a different plan or map. You’ll be taking a different road, to a different destination.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 9. Plans/Strategies/Goals “Listen carefully to what people have to say and make a judgment based on your plans, your strategies and your goals. If you occasionally have to say no to people… then so be it. If you have to alienate some people, because they don’t personally agree with your actions… then so be it.” Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way” 10. Opportunity “People inrepparttar 131887 future will look back and envy what was truly, ‘The Golden Age Of Opportunity.’ How fortunate we are to be HERE! NOW!”

Noel Peebles, Author “Sell Your Business The Easy Way”

Checking Your Message - Effective Web Copy

Written by Tom Neuman

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Here are 3 additional ideas to help with effective web copy: 1. Create an effective Unique Selling Proposition (USP): A USP isrepparttar statement (2-3 sentences at most) that explains why you are different than everyone else. This isrepparttar 131876 unique factor that sets you apart from your competition. Make thisrepparttar 131877 first thing your visitor sees. 2. Write about what you offer. Focus on benefits (not features) and de-emphasize your organization. The website visitor needs to understandrepparttar 131878 value in a relationship with you. 3. Use your copy to help steer your visitor down an intended path. This can be accomplished by placing your "Point of action" near benefits-related text, making it easier for your visitors to take action at that moment.

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