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WHEN TO GO: Alaskan summers are cool,repparttar average temperature is +14 deg.C (58 F) in summer and -12 deg.C (11 F) in winter. It receives midnight sunshine in May- July and goes into 24-hour darkness duringrepparttar 139208 part of winter. May to September arerepparttar 139209 best months to visit for warm time activities. You can check next week weather forecast for Anchorage here. GETTING THERE: There are many direct or one-stop flights from major US cities. The largest Alaska's city, Anchorage, is under 4 hours from Seattle by air. Anchorage is 2,463 road miles from Seattle, 3,608 miles from Los Angeles. It is more convenient to fly to Anchorage and rent a car or RV onrepparttar 139210 spot. To travel by water you can take a cruise to Alaska or userepparttar 139211 Alaska Marine Highway Ferry . TRAVEL TIPS: Northern weather can be unpredictable. Consider taking with you and wearing multiple layers of clothes in response to a wide variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Alaska is more expensive than most other states: apart from two dozen hostels there's little budget accommodation, and eating and drinking will set you back at least twenty percent more than inrepparttar 139212 Lower states. Still, experiencing Alaska on a low budget is possible, though it requires planning and off-peak travel. From June to August room prices are very high. May and September, when tariffs are relaxed andrepparttar 139213 weather only slightly chillier, are just as good times to go, and in April or October you'll haverepparttar 139214 place to yourself, together with a smaller range of places to stay and eat. Winter months are becoming increasingly popular, particularly forrepparttar 139215 spectacular aurora borealis . At this time of year hotel rates drop by as much as half. We wish you a nice and safe trip! - one of leading online discount travel agencies, a source of useful travel information. Visit us at

Cappadocia, Turkey - Land Of Wonders

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Decorated with a cycle containingrepparttar life of Jesus, it is located right inrepparttar 139072 town of Goreme. The Karanlik church, also located in Goreme is among best preserved in Cappadocia with lively paintings depictingrepparttar 139073 consecration of Jesus,repparttar 139074 Last Supper,repparttar 139075 Crucifixion andrepparttar 139076 apostles. The Eskigumus rock cut monastery (close torepparttar 139077 town of Nigde) isrepparttar 139078 only one where you can see a frescoe with smiling Virgin Mary. Recent discovery ofrepparttar 139079 monastery in 1963 allowed it to escape vandalism to which many ofrepparttar 139080 Cappadocian churches and monasteries were subjected. Well-preserved wall paintings decoraterepparttar 139081 spacious main church are known to be one ofrepparttar 139082 best examples ofrepparttar 139083 Byzantine art in all of Cappadocia.

Other attractions inrepparttar 139084 area include but not limited to: - museums in Aksaray, Nevsehir, Goreme, Nigde, Kayseri; - fortress of Ortahisar,repparttar 139085 spectacular Devrent Valley; - Seljuk history relics such as Karatay Madrasah, many mosques and caravansaries in Konya; - hot springs in Nar-Golu and Guzelyurt where also one ofrepparttar 139086 oldest existing churches inrepparttar 139087 area- Kizil Kilise (Red Church) is located, a 6th century artifact; - mountain climbing and mountain skiing atrepparttar 139088 Erciyes Dagi mountain (3916m above sea level); - hot air ballooning.

WHEN TO GO: Cappadocia has a steppe climate, there is a great temperature difference between day and night. The average temperature is 23 deg.C (73 F) in summer and -2 deg.C (28 F) in winter. It is cooler and drier than inrepparttar 139089 popular tourist areas ofrepparttar 139090 Mediterranean andrepparttar 139091 Aegean coasts. April to middle of June and September-October arerepparttar 139092 best months to visit.

GETTING THERE: Ankara,repparttar 139093 Turkey's capital city is only 350km away. You will find all necessary local contact phone numbers, price quotes and dining recommendations by following these links: Goreme - Nevsehir. Tours to Cappadocia are offered by almost all travel agencies in Turkey, although they are all too short allowing you just enough time for brief sightseeing. Tour guides tend to spend too much of your time at local pottery and carpet shops. We recommend you to rent a car in Ankara (usually $ 75-100 USD/day, check rental prices ) and drive to Cappadocia on your own, or put together a little group and hire a minivan together with a local driver/travel guide (a car and driver would cost you $85- 135 USD/day).

TRAVEL TIPS: Local travel books, information booklets are available onrepparttar 139094 spot in Cappadocia's towns. If travelling on your own, a detailed road map would definitely be a must to buy before leaving home. Modest clothes are suggested for women. The rural Turkey's culture is conservative and immodest clothing (short skirts, shorts, tight clothing) can invite unwanted attention. Do not forget a sun hat, sun protecting lotion, comfortable shoes. Plan ahead to spend at least two full days inrepparttar 139095 area.

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