AIDS - A Healer's Point of View

Written by Martin Brofman, Ph.D.

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It is obvious, for example, that we could not tell Russia that Chernobyl was their problem. We have seen that events in one country can have effects on other countries, if not worldwide. We have become obliged to think in more global terms, and in fact, we have begun to do so. AIDS, like any other out-of-balance condition, can be healed. What it takes is love. One young man in San Francisco who had developed AIDS was given a radical therapy, which reversedrepparttar effects ofrepparttar 131320 disease and resulted in his recovery. He had to walk throughrepparttar 131321 streets carrying balloons, being obviously different, and when passers-by would look at him, he had to give them a card saying, "I love you." At first, he felt very conspicuous. The second day, it was easier. Byrepparttar 131322 third day, he really did feelrepparttar 131323 love for these other Beings that were seeing him as different - and he also felt loved, even with his differences. He recovered. Louise Hay, an extraordinary American healer, has had much success with reversing AIDS by focusing onrepparttar 131324 aspects of forgiveness and self-acceptance, and using therapies emphasizing these qualities. Her successes showrepparttar 131325 effectiveness of this approach ofrepparttar 131326 heart. She has had more success with AIDS patients than any other individual I have heard of. Inrepparttar 131327 experience of this writer regardingrepparttar 131328 healings of AIDS patients,repparttar 131329 consistent factor wasrepparttar 131330 imbalance ofrepparttar 131331 heart chakra, andrepparttar 131332 poor quality ofrepparttar 131333 relationships in their lives. One young man who was able to open to receive love during a healing was later told by his doctor that he didn't have AIDS after all, but just a systemic fungus infection, Candida. Another who recovered was told by his doctor thatrepparttar 131334 original diagnosis must have been a mistake. People can recover from AIDS when they learn to recognizerepparttar 131335 love, and trust it, and place themselves in relationships that are nurturing, rather than punishing. That is, they learn to stop punishing themselves, and so allow themselves to be nurtured. They learn to accept themselves, and even to accept others who do not accept them. With acceptance, with love,repparttar 131336 heart chakra can again function normally, restoring strength torepparttar 131337 thymus gland, and therefore torepparttar 131338 immune system. The individual can then decide that there is something to live for, after all, since love is again in their lives. The flow of energy is restored, resulting in a return torepparttar 131339 experience of wholeness that we know as health. We are Beings of energy. When we block or interruptrepparttar 131340 flow of this energy,repparttar 131341 result is illness or injury. Sometimes this happens as a call for love. We each haverepparttar 131342 ability to restorerepparttar 131343 flow of energy, and provide an abundance of love where there was a perception of lack. When we do this, a healing happens. It is imperative, now, that we keep our hearts open, and replace judgments with acceptance. It is vital that we learn to love even more, and to allow ourselves to be loved. We must relate in our relationships, and use communication to clear misunderstandings and disagreements. When we can keep ourselves in a loving space, we will have a positive effect on our environment, a healing effect. With our hearts open torepparttar 131344 love all around us, and fully accepting ourselves, we will not be creatingrepparttar 131345 conditions in which AIDS develops. The answer is acceptance. The answer is love. (c) Copyright Martin Brofman 1990

Martin Brofman, Ph.D. teacher, healer, author, architect of the Body Mirror System of Healing, is the Founder and Director of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing.

Ten Steps for Creating Success Joyfully

Written by Neva Howell

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5. Release expectations. Understand that Spirit may have a way of bringingrepparttar whole thing together, which your personality self has never even considered. Don't tierepparttar 131319 hands of your Higher Self, by insisting on a certain sequence of events. Trust that God will unfoldrepparttar 131320 perfect result. If you can takerepparttar 131321 position of "interested observer" it will be easier to let God work in your life. Consider how it would be if you tried to fly an airplane from your seat inrepparttar 131322 middle. How clear would your vision ofrepparttar 131323 entire sky be from that perspective. Better to trustrepparttar 131324 pilot.

6. Be willing to take it one step at a time. Get used to not being able to seerepparttar 131325 next step. It will be revealed when you have donerepparttar 131326 work needed inrepparttar 131327 present moment. Jumping ahead is one ofrepparttar 131328 biggest energy drains I can imagine. It's a little like trying to go 100 miles an hour with your foot onrepparttar 131329 brake. All you'll do is make a stink and burn out your brake pads!

7. Practice good will gestures. Find someone to encourage, lift up, or support. Inrepparttar 131330 reality ofrepparttar 131331 feedback loop, you will receive what you give out, andrepparttar 131332 support will be there when you need it. You are familiar withrepparttar 131333 Random Acts of Kindness movement a while back andrepparttar 131334 more recent Pay It Forward phenomenon. Both are rekindlings of a much older tradition: Do unto others what you you would have them do unto you! These ideas keep reemerging because they represent higher truth! It's an amazing truth that what you do comes back to you, so do something nice for no reason every day forrepparttar 131335 next 30 days.

8. Use conscious speech! Watch how you speak out about what you want to create--choose your words and images carefully. Don't push and don't push your ideas on other people. Share only with those who will support, encourage, and gently challenge weak points, from a position of support. Your body hears every word you say about your health. Your mind hears every word you say about your abilities and skills. Further more, your cellular memory records everything you think about yourself, whether you speak it out or not. Instead of saying "I'm terrible at public speaking" try "Inrepparttar 131336 past, I've tended to be challenged by public speaking but I am learning to be comfortable sharing my truth and awareness with others." Speaking in this way literally programs your mind to put your challenges where they belong -- inrepparttar 131337 past -- and to focus your thinking towardrepparttar 131338 future in a positive way.

9. Do something nourishing for yourself every day. Make a point of it. It doesn't have to be a big thing. A long hot bath is one of my favorite gifts I give myself. Affirm "I am deserving of receiving this vision into reality", to open your channels for receiving more goodness and success. When you stop punishing yourself for work not done or results not achieved, you begin to releaserepparttar 131339 taskmaster that has kept you enslaved to linear time results and projection. Yes, those things are there but they are notrepparttar 131340 law. They are a guideline and guidelines change. Be willing to enjoy wherever you are, even if it is not where you think you should be or projected you would be by a particular moment in time.

10. Endrepparttar 131341 day whenrepparttar 131342 day ends. Mayberepparttar 131343 most important tip of all - Letrepparttar 131344 day go atrepparttar 131345 end ofrepparttar 131346 day, without judgment or negative self-talk. Thank yourself for doing your best withrepparttar 131347 time, release any unfinished business to God and ask for dreamtime teachings, healing and help as you drop away to sleep.

Neva is a wellness counselor and Reiki Master. She is author of Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook and webmaster of the health and wellness portal at

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