ADD GRAPHICS TO YOUR WEBSITE - without losing your mind!

Written by Rick Hunter

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2. Graphics Should Be Appropriate, Not Just Look Good

One mistake a lot of web developers and Internet marketers make is putting "cute" online graphics or photos on a website just because they look good. This is a great technique ifrepparttar images are relevant, irrelevant image placement just creates slower loading pages.

3. Don't Use Graphics When You Can Use Text

One logo, no matter how small, could take up to 5 seconds to load on a website. While this may not seem like a great length of time, it could meanrepparttar 134781 difference between losing an impatient customer or gettingrepparttar 134782 sale.

If your logos or graphics are based on simple fonts, then why use a graphic when one line of HTML code can producerepparttar 134783 same text effect? And it'll take 1/100th ofrepparttar 134784 time to load that one line of HTML as opposed torepparttar 134785 graphic.

You can also learn - quickly and easily - how to 'jazz up' your own photos or images to add them to your site. For example, if you just need to prepare your GIF or JPG images forrepparttar 134786 web by compressing them so that they will load faster, check outrepparttar 134787 free, ready-to-use "image cruncher" utilities at

This software is really simple to use. It requires no knowledge of computers and it has a fast learning curve.

This is just one example ofrepparttar 134788 information that's available onrepparttar 134789 web. With allrepparttar 134790 free and inexpensive online resources available to budding web designers, there's no excuse not to have a site that's jazzed up justrepparttar 134791 way you want it to be - without having to get a university degree or spend six months profit to do it.

Rick Hunter has more tools for new graphic designers at his website,

Do You Really Need a Web Site?

Written by Janice Byer

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Limitrepparttar use of unnecessary graphics and pictures. Of course, if you are selling a product that needs to be seen, such as clothing, these pictures should be included but try to keep them as small as possible. This will keeprepparttar 134780 loading time down on your site. However, if you sell automotive aftermarket products, or any other large line of products, don't put a picture of every brake line and fuse on your site. Including too many graphics will slow down your site and waiting for pictures to load is not something that most busy people have time for. Again, they will go somewhere else for help.

As for advertising other pages on your site, there are many avenues than can be used, including banner exchanges. These are a great form of getting additional free advertising, but don't load down your site with an infinite amount of banners or links. If possible, dedicate a page to display your banners, webrings and favorite links. This will help reducerepparttar 134781 clutter on your information pages.

These hints are justrepparttar 134782 tip ofrepparttar 134783 iceberg. There are many more ways to make your site appealing, more than can be listed in a single article. Research and using an experienced web designer can make your presence onrepparttar 134784 Internet appealing and informative.

Remember, above all else, make your site with your visitor in mind, whether they are Internet newbies or seasoned surfers. Your site needs to attract new visitors and it needs to keep them coming back.

Janice Byer is the founder of Docu-Type Administrative Services, an off-site office assistance company that specializes in word processing, desktop publishing and website development. Contact them today at (905)584-1746 or to learn how they can help YOU meet & exceed the expectations of YOUR customers.

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