ACLU is at it again

Written by Terry Dashner

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I think First Ammendment attorneys could be better utilized if they’d use their skills to defend free speech and freedom of religion forrepparttar US Armed Forces and their support forrepparttar 132249 Boy Scouts instead of trying to rescue America from their insidious evils of violatingrepparttar 132250 First Ammendment.

I thought to myself, certainly every American citizen knowsrepparttar 132251 story about America’s founding fathers of faith. I thought everyone knew aboutrepparttar 132252 first American Thanksgiving—Pilgrims giving thanks to GOD forrepparttar 132253 bounty ofrepparttar 132254 land. I thought everyone knew about George Washington petitioningrepparttar 132255 GOD of heaven for victory in battle. I thought everyone knew, as common knowledge, that these “religious forefathers” wererepparttar 132256 same ones who gave us our national heritage—in GOD we TRUST!

Maybe it's time to recommend thatrepparttar 132257 ACLU return to US history class 101. A revising of their revisionist history might do everyone some good, especially First Ammendment attorneys.

Terry Dashner (Sources cited are available)

I want to thank you for reading this religiously biased paper. I feel better now, andrepparttar 132258 sour taste in my mouth is improving—slowly.

May God blessrepparttar 132259 United States of America!

Senior Pastor of Faith Fellowship Church in Broken Arrow, OK. (918-451-0270)

Have we learned our lesson yet?

Written by Terry L. Dashner

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What ifrepparttar Islamic nations ofrepparttar 132248 region define liberty differently from us? Suppose they see our liberty as something corrupting to faith and morals and our culture as something they do not wish to import…?” When I read this I thought, “Haven’t we learned our lesson?” Haven’t we learned from history that we oftentimes fail to assessrepparttar 132249 real intentions of other countries, especiallyrepparttar 132250 Middle East and nations of Islam?

History certainly has taught us, more than once, that not every country wants Democracy, and that not every religion is advanced by a peaceful means.

So here we are in 2004 still thinking that Islam is a peaceful and benign religion and that Middle Eastern nations, which have existed sincerepparttar 132251 beginning as a rule other than Democracy, are going to bow down and accept our Western ideas with joy and love in their hearts. This is what we want to believe, I know. I would certainly like for everyone to love my Nation and its Constitutional Law as I do, but it “ain’t” going to happen. The only wayrepparttar 132252 nations ofrepparttar 132253 world are going to love their fellowman and live in peace is by having a change of heart, not a change of government.

The change of heart every nation needs (even America) can be achieved only throughrepparttar 132254 Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about imposing another religion on someone. I’m talking about introducing Jesus,repparttar 132255 peacemaker, torepparttar 132256 people of a nation. One day allrepparttar 132257 nations of this world will becomerepparttar 132258 nations ofrepparttar 132259 Lord Jesus Christ. Until that time, I’ll tellrepparttar 132260 story of Jesus andrepparttar 132261 real lesson of history—unless a man repents, he will never knowrepparttar 132262 joy of true and lasting peace.

Keeprepparttar 132263 faith. The Prince of Peace is coming again, soon! (Sources cited are available)

writes articles as daily devotions to his friends and family. (918-451-0270)

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