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Solutions Urge HUD to maintain compliance education as a priority and to actively participate inrepparttar building code amendment process to help ensure building code requirements are compliant with Fair Housing accessibility requirements. Further, urge HUD’s timely review of compliant building codes and approval of them as a safe harbor for compliance with Fair Housing accessibility requirements and to develop a more reasonable approach to addressing non-compliance. Continue to support and actively participate in ongoing education and training efforts to inform builders about accessibility requirements underrepparttar 150473 Fair Housing Act. Maintain NAHB’s Fair Housing Accessibility Education Accord with HUD as a demonstration of NAHB’s commitment to improving compliance through education and continue participation in HUD funded compliance initiatives. Supportrepparttar 150474 nationwide adoption of model accessibility building codes endorsed by HUD as providing a safe harbor for complying withrepparttar 150475 accessibility requirements ofrepparttar 150476 Fair Housing Act. Work with other interested groups, including building product manufacturers, disability advocates, real estate, and multifamily design and construction groups to promote education, outreach, and compliance withrepparttar 150477 accessibility requirements ofrepparttar 150478 Fair Housing Act. Urge HUD to prohibitrepparttar 150479 use of Fair Housing Initiatives Program funding for litigation. Work withrepparttar 150480 Department of Justice to develop clear criteria for enforcingrepparttar 150481 accessibility requirements ofrepparttar 150482 Fair Housing Act. Support legislative or regulatory changes that would limit liability for industry members who were involved inrepparttar 150483 design and construction of non-compliant buildings due to a lack of clear guidance, and who made a good faith effort to meetrepparttar 150484 requirements ofrepparttar 150485 law.

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Anthony Castelli, Attorney at Law Announces Website Update

Written by Sara Goldstein

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Mr. Castelli, who has been an attorney for over twenty-two years, stated that he has “focused on protectingrepparttar rights of injury and accident victims andrepparttar 150357 disabled.” He believes that “the most important thing [he] can give [his] clients isrepparttar 150358 knowledge that [he] cares about their needs and that [he] will zealously give [his] best efforts in any matter - big or small.” With his updated website, he will be able to reach out to a larger spectrum of injured people. The website also provides general legal resources for people just needing more information about different types of personal injury law.

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