ABU GHRAIB: Our Surprise is the only Surprise

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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Under such extreme conditions (Zimbardo’s “vinegar barrel”),repparttar behaviors exhibited byrepparttar 132351 Abu Ghraib MPs should have been completely expected. The Military and Governmental agencies involved have behavioral experts and 30 years of research at their fingertips. To anticipate what might occur, and to plan accordingly – ensuring that supervision was relentless, prohibitions against improper behaviors were clear and unambiguous, training provided, and readily-accessed mechanisms provided for reports of questionable activity – wasrepparttar 132352 job ofrepparttar 132353 Army,repparttar 132354 Government, andrepparttar 132355 Administration, listening to their own psychological experts.

Courts-Martial of individual guards for their unacceptable and abhorrent behaviors are warranted torepparttar 132356 extent thatrepparttar 132357 individual always bears ultimate responsibility for their personal actions. However,repparttar 132358 primary responsibility must fall on those who directed and developed a system almost guaranteed to produce those actions which have recently appalled all Americans and degraded our National image.

Not knowingrepparttar 132359 research, not reading long reports, not havingrepparttar 132360 time to focus on a small area of an enormous task, does not excuse nor absolve of guilt. The top commanders are whererepparttar 132361 buck stops and where accountability truly lies.

Dr. Bola operated a rehabilitation company, developing innovative job search techniques for disabled workers, for 20 years. A licensed clinical psychologist, she developed vocational programs for the mentally ill, served as a Vocational Expert for Social Security, Civil Court, and pioneered vocational testimony in Workers’ Compensation Hearings. She can be reached at http://drvirginiabola.blogspot.com


Written by Davood Nasiri

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