ABC Television Network Crowns The New Domestic Diva

Written by F2 Entertainment

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The three celebrity judges based their decision on originality, creativity, resourcefulness and ability to stay withinrepparttar rules under strict time constraints.

Fontana's reward...a pilot deal for a television show of his own, a book deal with Hyperion Books, and a featured appearance on Good Morning America.

With a book to write and a TV show to pull together, you can bet Frank Fontana will be a busy man inrepparttar 124144 upcoming months. Fontana looks forward to showing off his crown.


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To Record or Not To Record - At Home, That Is

Written by Seth Lutnick

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Now let's say you really have an ace song on your hands. No reason not to record this, you're saying, and you're right. But. Is doing it at homerepparttar way to go? The answer is a resounding ... depends. Depends on what gear you have, sure. But even more, it depends on what you are capable of doing with that gear. Ifrepparttar 124143 ease with which one can record at home has limited creative quality, it may dorepparttar 124144 same to sonic quality whenrepparttar 124145 creativity has been truly remarkable. I love those gadgets, but I will admit that I can never seem to getrepparttar 124146 sound I hear in my head when I write those songs. If I were properly trained, I'm sure I'd have a different take, but I'm not, and how many of us are?

So my compromise has been to have allrepparttar 124147 fun inrepparttar 124148 world withrepparttar 124149 songs I'm not staking my future on, whilerepparttar 124150 keepers get a professional to make sure that I'll get that record deal. I would highly recommend, however, to record your songs at home as a prequel, if you will, torepparttar 124151 studio. The benefits are knowing how your song will take to tape on a basic level, as well as seeing any weaknesses in your arrangements. It is a great scratch pad, and then, when you get intorepparttar 124152 studio, you'll have a great head start.

I hope everyone thrills to this wonderful world of songwriting, and whether your goal is simply to give CDs to your friends and family or to be a megastar (hope we make it), you'll use home studio technology to stimulate creativity, improve your craft and career and have a blast. Happy tunes!

Seth Lutnick is a singer/songwriter/actor who has recorded two albums of original music, as well as appearing on TV, film, stage and radio. His website shares ideas, tutorials and product links on the art of music recording, as well as other areas of life. Visit for great ideas on home and studio recording.

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