9 things to look for when considering data backup solutions

Written by Ray Burton

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5. Isrepparttar data compressed?

If you have a lot of data to back up you'll want to reducerepparttar 139428 storage requirement and cost by having it compressed first. Don't underestimate how much you business or study material will grow!

6. Isrepparttar 139429 system informative?

Don't put your self inrepparttar 139430 position of "hoping it worked". Get some form of feedback that assures you it has.

7. Isrepparttar 139431 system flexible?

Make sure thatrepparttar 139432 system is capable of backing up any file size or type. Don't get caught out by thinking you don't need much storage orrepparttar 139433 ability to save certain types of files.

8. Is it versatile?

Make surerepparttar 139434 system hasrepparttar 139435 versatility to deal with pda's and mobile phones. Also make sure that it has both automatic and manual back facility. You wantrepparttar 139436 automatic feature forrepparttar 139437 benefit of set and forget, but you also want the, "back up my data now" feature so that you haverepparttar 139438 benefit of not having to worry throughrepparttar 139439 time between finishing your thesis or proposal and knowing it is really secure.

9. Is it backed up more than once?

Don't rely on a system that only has one copy. Make sure that it has several copies stored on at least 2, preferably 3, off-site computers. Think virus! If your system is hit with a virus you can then go back to a file beforerepparttar 139440 virus took a hold.

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Written by anna garcia

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