9 Ways to Get an MCSE or CNE Without Wasting $5000+

Written by Richard Stooker

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Thatís not a threat, just you looking out for yourself.

7. Passrepparttar new CompTIA Network+ cross-platform certification test, use that to get an entry level job, then get your new employer to pay forrepparttar 107870 classes.

This answer is obviously similar torepparttar 107871 one above. You can userepparttar 107872 new Network+ certification to get your foot inrepparttar 107873 door.

Almost everything in these cases depends on your relationship withrepparttar 107874 company. If itís a good one, and they see you as an evolving superstar whoís going to have a lot to offer them downrepparttar 107875 road, thatís obviously to your favor.

If you are seen as someone out just for themselves anyway, theyíre not going to risk repparttar 107876 money on you. If you leave, good riddance anyway.

8. If you are unemployed,repparttar 107877 government may pay for your training.

Check with your local unemployment office to see what is available in your area. Here in St. Louis, laid off Boeing workers have a complete center paid for with a government grant, andrepparttar 107878 program is sending some to computer training.

9. If you are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI), apply for a Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS Plan).

The basic idea is, you are capable of working as a networking professional, but you canít yet because you donít know how. So you want to learn by buyingrepparttar 107879 books etc. Consult with a good career counselor or Vocational Rehabilitation. Come up with a good estimate forrepparttar 107880 cost ofrepparttar 107881 certification. (Donít forget to includerepparttar 107882 cost ofrepparttar 107883 examinations too, not justrepparttar 107884 training.) Assume you may have to repeat some ofrepparttar 107885 examinations - thatís normal, most everybody does. Whatever that amount of money is, you donít have it. But if you could only go to work, maybe at McDonaldís or whatever, you could saverepparttar 107886 money up in 6 months or so. But you canít now, because if you go to work your SSI will be cut so much you still wonít be able to save much. Thatís whererepparttar 107887 PASS Plan comes into play.

If you agree to put $X out of your paycheck into a savings account until you have enough saved up to buyrepparttar 107888 books you need etc. (Actually, you could get started right away after itís approved. . . Social Security will then agree not to countrepparttar 107889 $X you are saving as income that cuts your SSI check. Therefore, you can work but still use your SSI to pay your bills with, while saving $X out of every paycheck toward your eventual financial independence.

Social Security will also ignorerepparttar 107890 usual $2000 resource limit. They will continue to send you SSI while you have over $2000 as long as this money you are saving for your PASS plan is in an account that's separate from your living expenses money.

Go to your local Social Security office with all your estimates and how you plan to proceed and how long it will take - put together all repparttar 107891 details you can. Someone there will help you fill out their form, and then will submit it to a PASS expert, who isrepparttar 107892 person who decides whether or not you qualify. The more detail you have in your PASS plan and repparttar 107893 more you make it clear that you are serious and prepared and capable,repparttar 107894 better your chances.

It also wouldnít hurt to includerepparttar 107895 standard material in Chapter 3 ofrepparttar 107896 book, repparttar 107897 boom in computer jobs chapter, especially to show themrepparttar 107898 high demand there is for people withrepparttar 107899 certification you are shooting for. Use brochures from your local training company even if you donít plan to take their $5000 classes. Your goal at this stage is just to have SSA approve your PASS Plan.

You must convince them of three things:

1. You are capable of doingrepparttar 107900 job you are shooting for, youíre just not qualified yet. You need more knowledge, a professional degree or certification etc.

2. You have a feasible plan for getting yourself torepparttar 107901 point where you qualify for repparttar 107902 job.

3. When you finish your plan, there is a reasonable chance you can getrepparttar 107903 job and that doing so will reduce or eliminate your dependence on SSI.

The MCSE/CNE certifications certainly meet requirement #3. #2 is not hard if you just look around forrepparttar 107904 price ofrepparttar 107905 books and equipment you need. #1 is up to you.

Not all methods will work for everybody.

The point is, if youíre willing to read, study and work hard on your own, you donít have to spend top dollar. If you can get your employer orrepparttar 107906 government to pay for your classes, go for it. All these methods have been used by somebody and will be used by many more. Now theyíre yours.

I wish you allrepparttar 107907 greatest success in your networking careers.

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Printer Cartridge Price Fixing

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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If your business on average prints 200 pages per day, refilling cartridges could bring your costs down from $15,330.00 to $1,277.50 per year. This is based on 21 cents per page, your actual cost per page could me much higher. With this kind of savings, you can afford to screw up a few cartridges while learning. If you spill some ink, you can afford to re-carpetrepparttar entire house.

A good place to get inkjet refill kits is MIS Associates http://www.inksupply.com. They provide detailed online well-illustrated step-by-step instructions. The same idea applies to laser printer toner cartridges. Can you afford to pay $400.00 every time your HP 1200se toner cartridge runs dry? A good place to get toner refill kits is http://www.tonerrefillkits.com. They also provide detailed online well-illustrated step-by-step instructions. You can refillrepparttar 107869 1200se cartridge for only $12.95! (after one time $12.95 purchase of tool kit.)

Printers are one ofrepparttar 107870 biggest rip-offs in computing today. I donít know whyrepparttar 107871 FTC is not investigating illegal ink cartridge price fixing by printer manufacturers. For now,repparttar 107872 way to protect yourself is to learn how to refill your own cartridges. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107873 Web visit http://bucarotechelp.com To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to bucarotechelp-subscribe@topica.com ==========================================================


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