9 Ways To Develop Confidence In New Situations

Written by Maria Marsala

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~Carry a nametag in your glove compartment. Make one for personal use, another for business use. Then people will feel more comfortable walking up to you in meetings.

~Put your notes onrepparttar back of duplicates of pictures (photography) you've taken. Then they won't stick out so much fromrepparttar 101953 podium (like white paper or index cards do.)

~Practice some opening lines and your handshake before you attendrepparttar 101954 event. Practice using a mirror and ask your family to let you practice on them, too.

~Develop two a 30-second commercials (also called elevator speeches, USP - unique selling propositions). One is for personal use, andrepparttar 101955 other would be for business use. On a recent telelclass I attended, provided by Jay Levinson of Guerilla Marketing fame, suggested creating a 7 word commercial, too. www.coachmaria.com/articles/usp.html

~Remember that everyone in that room is a human being, too. Everyone has their own fears to deal with... and they might even berepparttar 101956 same as yours.

~Find other ways to build your confidence, too. Email merepparttar 101957 ones that work for you. maria@coachmaria.com

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So What's Your Excuse?

Written by Maria Marsala

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accept? Takerepparttar time to think about what type of answers you can give and things you can do to protect your boundaries so that you can raise your standards. Check out these Top Ten Lists about boundaries. They are just wonderful! "Things to say pleasantly when people attempt to invade your boundaries" by Coach Diana Robinson www.topten.org/public/BG/BG1.html and another wonderful Top Ten by Coach Dennis Tesdell www.topten.org/public/BN/BN1.html

Integrity Lesson This month, write down allrepparttar 101952 excuses you hear yourself giving others and giving yourself. Look forrepparttar 101953 patterns. Are you not setting boundaries? Are you setting boundaries andrepparttar 101954 person isn't listening? Are you setting boundaries and you're not enforcing those boundaries? Or what other patterns do you see.

And remember: Yes, No and Maybe are all complete sentences!!!

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