9 Tips for Better PBX Safety and Security

Written by Robert Potter

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6. Wherever possible, limitrepparttar number of employees who are authorized to use remote access. And if possible, change pass codes and authorization codes when an employee permanently leavesrepparttar 147208 company.

7. NEVER transfer a call outside your PBX if you are unaware ofrepparttar 147209 identity ofrepparttar 147210 caller. Instruct employees that phone companies will never ask customers to be part of a "test" - no matter how officialrepparttar 147211 caller may sound.

8. Always be alert to possible PBX abuse signs. These could include repeated calls of short duration, sudden increase in 800 usage, or unexplained changes incoming, outgoing or especially after-hours calling patterns.

9. Consider out sourcing your telecom bills to a firm that will provide bill paying and audit services on an ongoing monthly basis. You'll save money acrossrepparttar 147212 board and catch toll fraud atrepparttar 147213 time it happens.

About the author: Robert Potter is Vice-President and senior consultant for TelCon Associates, a 32 yr. old telecom audit and bill management firm. For free tools and help in reducing your corporate telecom expenses, visit http://www.telconassociates.com for more information.

The First Pagoda

Written by Maxine Thompson

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Not only was I introduced to many new foods, I sawrepparttar world through an eastern world view of peace, harmony and tranquility.

My original purpose for going to China was to meet publishers, expand my Internet radio shows at www.maxineshow.com, www.voiceamerica.com, and www.artistfirst.com, and learn aboutrepparttar 147196 culture. In addition, I'd like to changerepparttar 147197 negative image of African Americans which is portrayed in videos and haverepparttar 147198 Chinese learn about different aspects of black culture through literature written by African Americans for African Americans.

But on this journey, I found a deeper meaning. The human connection. I feelrepparttar 147199 trip will berepparttar 147200 beginning of future relationships with people from China.

What was particularly heartwarming wasrepparttar 147201 fact that, in spite ofrepparttar 147202 language barrier,repparttar 147203 people were friendly and embraced my sister Nancy and I. They seemed to be magnetically drawn to our natural hairstyles. (Nancy wears sister locks and I wore my hair in an individual, braided shag style.) We are still reeling from how we were treated like celebrities.

Everywhere we went, people showed an open, honest curiosity and many people took photos with us and of us. It made me feel more Afrocentric and aware of our natural African beauty. To sayrepparttar 147204 least, it was a restorative experience. Forget aboutrepparttar 147205 white standard of beauty. Even my full-figure seemed to be one of interest, andrepparttar 147206 looks of approbation spoke volumes to me. It was ifrepparttar 147207 head nods said, "Go on with your bad self. What tribe are you from?"

Just as William J. Ledererís book, The Ugly American, pointed out Americansí shortcomings,repparttar 147208 only downside ofrepparttar 147209 trip was I became aware of how spoiled we are as Americans. I canít countrepparttar 147210 complaints I heard fromrepparttar 147211 group because of having Chinese food each day, but after all, we were in China. When in RomeÖ

As I learn more aboutrepparttar 147212 import export business,repparttar 147213 international publishing business, I will share this with interested writers and aspiring entrepreneurs. This trip was funded by MBOC, (Minority Business Development Agency, U.S.. Department of Commerce and Office of Economic Development) through Los Angeles City. The purpose is to encourage more minority businesses to do international trade business. (For more information, contact Long Chang at (714)956-0669.)

So in honor of Fatherís Day, I write this article as a tribute to my late father, Mervin Vann.

Our parents leave us lessons which live on long after their deaths. My fatherís lesson was that you are never too old to travel and enjoy life.

Thank you, Daddy.

If youíre interested in a sponsorship package to help promote your business or your book, contact Maxine Thompson at maxtho@sbcglobal.net. If you're interested in help with working on your book contact maxtho@sbcglobal.net.

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